How to Check the Status of Voter ID Card Online?

Your voter id card is not just important on the election day. Its status as an identity document is not enough. An election ends but the job of a voter and his/her voter card does not end. One has to constantly follow news, opinions, event and data to make sure that the elected representative or the government is living up to the expectations. If not, the voter has to look for the alternatives that he/she could choose whenever an opportunity to vote appears again.

Therefore the whole democracy works in this dynamic way. Things keep on changing and there is always an opportunity to catch up and make up for the mistakes in choosing candidates that were made by the voters. The one thing remains constant is the voter id card in your hand.

For all those who are missing out on their duties as citizens of India, it is never too late. Get your voter id card today and become a registered voter, so that you can also have an opportunity to elect your choice of candidates rather than free riding on other people’s choice of governance. Therefore today’s article is about an important step in offline or online voter id card registration and that is:- How can you check the status of your voter id card online? Before we guide you about the method for checking your application status for voter registration, let us brief you about a few important tasks relating to the voter id card or the Election Commission of India identity card.


All the citizens of Delhi must note that the special summary revision is going on in your state. This drive is organized by the Election Commission of Delhi to register new voters. Under this drive, the Booth Level Officers are present at the polling booths near your area. That means new voters need not visit the ERO Office to submit the Form No. 6 for Voter ID registration. This could directly be submitted at the polling booth near your area. The designated locations where this revision is taking place could be found out from the following link:- http://ceodelhi.gov.in/onlineerms/KnowDesignatedOfficerInfo.aspx

Please note that this revision ends on 30th of June, so make sure to submit your Form-6 on or before this date to ensure your voter id card registration in Delhi. You can also submit objections to the electoral roll. If you think some names are wrongly entered into the voter list of your constituency then this summary revision is the right time to present the objection to the BLO of your area. Also once your Form No. 6 for inclusion of name by new voters is submitted at the designated location, the status of application could be checked at the following link to the CEO Delhi website:- http://ceodelhi.gov.in/onlineerms/CheckApplicationStatus.aspx On this like, make sure you choose the correct form that is you must choose Form No. 6 from the options if you submitted the same.

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Note: In case the summary revision has ended, citizens can still submit their application forms at the ERO Office

Apply for Voter ID Card Online

If you are busy during the summary revision and cannot take out time to visit the designated location or there is no news of summary revision in your state then you can very well apply for your voter id card online by visiting the Election Commission of India Website. By clicking the ‘Enroll Now, Become a Voter‘ icon(image given below) on their homepage you can gain access to the online version of the voter id card form no. 6. The web address for the ECI Website is www.eci.nic.in

check voter id card application status online

Moreover in one of our previous articles we have elaborated on the steps for applying for your Election Commission of India identity card. Please give it a thorough read before you choose to go for online application. Once you have submitted your application for the voter id card then you must wait for a few days to allow the officials to assess it. Once it is successfully accepted you may expect the BLO to visit your residence for verification. If this process takes longer than the prescribed time frame of 1 or 2 months, you must check status of your voter id card on the state CEO website to find out what is wrong. In the last few sections, we would provide more information on how to check this application status.

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Apply Online for Correction of Mistakes on Voter ID Card Online

You can check status not only for new voter id card application but also for the application forms like Form No. 8. Voters should fill this form if they want to get a corrected Voter ID. This could happen if you have wrong voter details like misspelled name or incorrect address on your voter id card. You can also fill Voter Form No. 8 online on the Election Commission of India website. Just visit the web address given in the previous section and click the icon saying ‘Apply For Corrections’. Once you are able to access this form for correction of details and are able to submit it successfully, you must check the status of this application in case you do not receive any intimation within the prescribed time frame. The status of this application too could be checked from the CEO website of your state.

Apply Online for Change in Address on your Voter ID Card Within the same Constituency

If you have recently shifted to another address that lies in the same constituency as the previous one then you must immediately transpose your voter id card so as to change the address on it. To change the address on your voter id card within the same constituency, you have to fill the form no. 8A for transposition of voter id card. Unlike the above 2 forms, this one could not be filled online on the ECI Website. Although you can check your state’s CEO website to find the provision to fill the address change form no. 8A online. For example; we found out the online version of this form on the CEO Andhra Pradesh website. On www.ceoandhra.nic.in, online versions of all the mentioned voter id card forms could be found under the ‘E-Registration’ tab on the main page. Here is the link to the online version of the form no. 8A:- http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/eregistration/F8A/OnlineForm8A.aspx

To check status of voter id card application in AP online, you can bring your cursor to the same ‘E-Registration’ tab mentioned above and click on the option that reads ‘Know your Status‘. Upon clicking this option, you select the desired form no. whose status you want to check. You can then enter your application id or house number(based on the option you select). Once this information is entered just click the ‘search’ button on the screen and you will presented the status of your voter id card application. Here is the direct link to the voter application status page:- http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/status/search.aspx

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Similarly on the CEO Delhi website, once you register or sign up as a user, you can access all the available online voter id card forms. To check status of voter id card application that you have already submitted, one could click on the icon on the homepage that says ‘Know the Status of Your Application for Enrollment‘. Or you can click the same icon given below as it would link you directly to the page where you can check the status.

check voter id card application status delhi online


In case you live in Uttar Pradesh and want to check your voter id card application status in this state then here is the method. Just visit the CEO Website of UP i.e www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in On the home page you can easily find a column names ‘Online Voter Services‘. Under that column there is an icon that reads ‘Know your Application Status‘. Just click this icon and select the correct option for each of the following:-

  • District
  • Assembly Constituency
  • Part
  • Form Type
  • Date or Period of application

If you do not have the above mentioned information you can simply search for your application status in UP by entering the Applicant name or the application form number. We have provided a replica image of the Voter ID Card Online Application Status search page for CEO UP.

check voter id card application status online

On almost all the CEO websites, there is an option to check status if your voter id card application. You just have to explore the respective website of your state to find out such an option. Please read our article where we presented a list of all the states’ CEO websites.



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  1. I have submited form 6 to Tahasil[Ambegaon], but my name is not in new election list, and they given me [return slip no is 37], but i coud”t get voting card, [i have submit a form 6 last 4 yrs every year]
    plz give me advice.

    Thank you

  2. Dear Sir
    I have given my voter’s ID for changing photo before election. till now I didn’t receive my Card. Now they are asking me to pay 25 Rs. What I have to do.

    Elizabeth Issac


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