Voter ID Card Download – How to Do it?

People often ask is Voter ID Card Download Possible? Find out the answer in this informative post here.

At VoterIDcard.org.in, we strive to list all the verified and accurate information about all the processes relating to Voter Registration, Voter ID Card issuance, Voter ID Card download incase you are looking for Voter ID Download or wondering how to download my voter id card; to enable Indian citizens to vote for their Government of choice.

Voter ID Card Download - How to Do it

Voter ID Card Download – Voter ID Download explained in easy steps?


For the ease of voters, the Election Commission of India has introduced several initiatives to take the whole process from Voter Registration to Voter ID Card Download online or download Voter ID Card Online including:

  • Applying for Inclusion of Name in the Voter List.
  • Applying for rectification errors in Voter ID Card.
  • Applying for Overseas Voter Registration.
  • Filing Complaints related to the Voter ID Card or Voter Registration.
  • Applying for a duplicate Voter ID Card online
  • Checking Voter ID status online or via SMS
  • Checking your name in the electoral roll of your constituency.
  • Finding BLO (Booth Level Officers) Contact Numbers.
  • Finding Polling Booth information.

All the above services are readily available on the election commission website www.eci.nic.in

However over and above these services that are already available online, voters frequently ask one can question and that is: How can I Download my voter ID card? In this article, therefore we are going to provide you a crisp and clear solution for this frequently asked question.


Voter ID Card Download – Options and Process Explained:

Voter ID Card DOWNLOAD – 100% verified info on Voter ID Download, What are the options – All answers can be found here. “How to download voter id card” is a complicated one to answer and to guide about it, we will surely try our level best to provide a feasible solution.

Lets start with a simple and straight forward statement:

You cannot download my Voter ID Card from the internet.’

Yes. You heard that right – Voter ID Download is not possible. Now, before we proceed with the alternatives to Voter ID Card download, let’s first look in to the reason why you would want Voter ID Card Download:

  1. To provide to someone a photocopy of your Voter ID Card (this can easily be done by taking a photocopy of your actual physical Voter ID Card. Why require an online Voter ID Card download for the same?)
  2. You have lost your Voter ID Card (yes, that’s a problem. Why not apply for a duplicate Voter ID Card then? The Election Commission Now has a very simple and easy process to apply for a duplicate Voter ID Card online [Duplicate Voter ID Card Download ]Click here to know the process).
  3. You may want to verify the authenticity of your own / someone else’s Voter ID Card (if that’s the case, we would like to ask why would you want to do that?)
  4. You would like to vote for the upcoming elections in your constituency and do have your Voter ID Card with yourself (do note that you no longer require a Voter ID Card to vote. If your name is there in your constituency’s voters list, you can just visit the polling booth along with any of your proof of identity [Driving License, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc.] and cast your vote).
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Although as a voter you cannot directly download your election card, you can still access and download nearly all the Election Commission of India forms over the internet that would indeed help you ensure your inclusion to the voters’ list and hence the assured issuance of your voter ID Card.

how to download my voter id card

Download Voter ID Card Forms

Voters cannot simply download the Voter ID, the way they can apply for voter registration online. Once you are a registered voter only then you are entitled to a Voter ID Card issued in your name. This Voter ID Card would then be sent to you by post, once the BLO (Booth Level Officer) verifies your identity and your application is accepted and approved. Hence there is simply no provision for the availability of a voter id card download. So to answer the question on how to download my voter id card? Well, you can’t.

Still, the forms related to voter registration are available for you to download. We are making them available for you to download on this very page so that you can take the print-outs and apply for voter registration at the local ERO (Electoral Registration Office) by filling the printed forms manually. To download the form for entry into the Voters’ List, please download Voter ID Card Form No. 6 from here.

The other Election Commission of India forms that could come in handy to new as well as existing voters could also be downloaded from this page itself. Please note that all these forms are hosted by the ECI Website:-

  1. Download Voter ID Card Form No. 6A for NRI Voter registration
  2. Download Voter ID Card Form No. 7 for objection to any inclusion in the Voters’ List
  3. Download Form No. 8 for rectification of Voter Details
  4. Download Voter Form No. 8A for Transposition of entry into the Voters’ List

Also if you already have your name in the Voters’ List of your constituency and just need to apply for a Voter ID Card, here is our informative article about filling the required FORM 001C.


Verification by the Field Officer

Once you have successfully applied for the inclusion of your name to the voters’ list, you may as well expect the field officer to visit your provided residence to verify your identity so that your name is successfully included in the electoral roll of your constituency. If you did not download the Voter ID Card Form No. 6 but directly applied online on the ECI Website for ithe nclusion of your name (Online Voter Registration) and forgot to upload the scanned personal documents like age/residence proofs, the field officer could collect them upon his verification visit.  Make sure you are available at the provided address at that time, to ensure speedy registration.

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a guide to Voter ID Card Download online

Check the Status of your Voter ID Card Application

Did not receive a visit from the Field Officer and no intimation of any kind, in regard to your Voter ID Card application? Do not worry. Just check the status of your application to make sure it is not stuck at any level. And if it indeed is stuck, then that calls for an immediate rectification on your part. Make sure you contact your local BLO or visit the ERO Office and take steps to remove the discrepancies in your downloaded or online filled voter id card application. To check the status of your application, you could do so by visiting the CEO Website of your state. For example for Andhra Pradesh, the CEO Website is ceoandhra.nic.in (copy paste in your address bar of the browser to visit). Once you reach the CEO website of your state, you can not only select the appropriate option to check your application status, but you can also download or even fill the various Voter ID Card forms online, on the same website. For CEO Andhra Website, you can find all these options under the E-Registration tab. The list options under this tab on ceondhra.nic.in are:-

  • Help (For assistance regarding Downloaded Forms, Voter ID Card Registration, Online Application or any other voter query)
  • Form-6 (New Enrollment)
  • Form-7 (Objection to inclusion of name)
  • Form-8 (Correct your card)
  • Form-8A (Transpose your card)
  • Form-6A (NRI)
  • Know your status

For a complete and verified information on how to check the Voter ID status online, please refer our detailed article here. All the above options let you apply online without requiring a download for the mentioned Voter ID Card related forms.

Similarly you can explore your own State CEO Website and we are sure you will find a similar set of options relating to the voter registration process.

A Complete List of state CEO Websites

As we have seen above that the state CEO websites could come in handy for the download of Voter ID Card Forms, their online application, checking of application status and various other useful measures. Therefore it is important to explore your state’s CEO Website for a successful registration process. Here is the list [Copy the website address of your choice of state and paste it in the address bar of your browser to visit it] of these websites for all the states of our nation. For more information on each of the State Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs), please refer our detailed articles under the following category:-

  • Andhra Pradesh– www.ceoandhra.nic.in
  • Arunachal Pradesh-http://ceoarunachal.nic.in/
  • Assam– http://ceoassam.nic.in/
  • Bihar– http://ceobihar.nic.in/
  • Goa– http://ceogoa.nic.in/
  • Gujarat– http://ceogujarat.nic.in/
  • Haryana– http://ceoharyana.nic.in/
  • Himachal Pradesh– http://ceohimachal.nic.in/
  • Jammu and Kashmir– http://ceojk.nic.in/
  • Karnataka– http://ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in/
  • Kerala– http://www.ceo.kerala.gov.in/home.html
  • Madhya Pradesh- http://ceomadhyapradesh.nic.in/
  • Maharashtra– http://ceomaharashtra.nic.in/
  • Manipur– http://ceomanipur.nic.in/
  • Meghalaya– http://ceomeghalaya.nic.in/
  • Mizoram– http://ceomeghalaya.nic.in/
  • Nagaland– http://ceonagaland.nic.in/
  • Odisha– http://ceoorissa.nic.in/
  • Punjab– http://ceopunjab.nic.in/
  • Rajasthan– http://ceorajasthan.nic.in/index.aspx
  • Sikkim– http://ceosikkim.nic.in/
  • Tamil Nadu– http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/
  • Tripura– http://ceotripura.nic.in/
  • Uttar Pradesh– http://ceouttarpradesh.nic.in/
  • West Bengal– http://ceowestbengal.nic.in/
  • Chhattisgarh– http://ceochhattisgarh.nic.in/
  • Jharkhand– http://ceojharkhand.nic.in/
  • Uttarakhand– http://gov.ua.nic.in/ceouttranchal
  • Andaman and Nicobar Island– http://gov.ua.nic.in/ceouttranchal
  • Chandigarh– http://ceochandigarh.nic.in/
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli– http://ceodnh.nic.in/
  • Daman and Diu– http://ceodaman.nic.in/default.asp
  • NCT of Delhi– http://ceodelhi.gov.in/
  • Lakshadweep-http://ceolakshadweep.gov.in/
  • Puducherry– http://ceopondicherry.nic.in/
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Your state CEO website could prove to be more helpful due to the localization of information like local BLO contact numbers, local latest and updated electoral rolls etc. Therefore you must visit their websites.

Download Voter Registration and Information Android Apps

As we mentioned earlier, you cannot download your Voter ID Card but you can indeed download many other things that catalyze voter registration process. The Election Commission of India and the Department of Electronics and IT have evolved in sync with the modern technology. Under the National Mobile Governance Initiative, the Ministry of IT has its own Mobile Seva App store. On this App Store, you can download Election Commission of India apps like Voter Information Search Using SMS/Internet; this app uses the SMS/Internet service of your phone to find out whether you have your name included in the electoral roll or not. The app is very useful for the prospected and the existing voters too. You can visit this link to access the Mobile Seva App Store:- https://apps.mgov.gov.in/index.jsp

You can download voter id card download related apps
There are many other apps relating to various sectors of the Govt. like RTI, mPassport, etc. and hence is a very useful place for the people who want to access or keep updated with the services offered by the government and its various departments.

Hence the online network now provides many solutions for the citizens who want to get voter id cards and become registered voters. Whereas we are still waiting for an eco-friendly solution to the conventional Voter ID Card. We believe the Government should provide a solution over a period of time whereby Voter ID Card download is possible. This would not only save a lot of human effort but also save the use of paper and decrease the need for the plastic lamination, both of which currently form essential components of the present day Voter ID.

Is it possible to download Voter ID Card?

Importance of a Voter ID card is not hard to understand. It is easily synonymous with a successful democracy and a successful nation. This relationship is evident by the fact that the whole voter registration and Voter ID Card issuing process is the driving force behind successful voting and the successful voting then ensures a successful election. It is often seen that high voter turnout during an election indirectly indicates that a large number of people want to see a change in the government. It then immediately becomes important for the Election Commission of India to cater to the registration requirements of this increased voter force so as to ensure that the desired change is brought about.

The change is possible without any violent revolutionary means and the Voter ID Card is surely the stepping stone towards the change desired by the citizens. The day Voter ID Card Download is made possible like Aadhar, it will make this documents even more powerful and will see more and more people enrolling for the same.

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  1. I have updated my address online in my voter id card.Please let me know if the updated voter id card is sent by post to my new address or I am required to collect from any of EC offices


    EPIC NO. (NBJ1958676)

  3. my voter ID id messed any where so please issue my new duplicate voter card may name is rakhi my voter card no-ABG2038925


  5. I have been allotted EPIC No. and the draft electoral roll 2016 also shows inclusion of my name in the electoral list. However, I have not received my ID Card inspite of repeated visits to the AERO office and representations to the state ERO and even ECI (CEC). When can I get my ID Card? Will it be send by Post or is it mandatory to collect the same from AERO Office?

  6. hi sir,

    my voter id have some correction, i could apply it. i know this new ID CARD NO. BUT how can i download this new vote id in online or how i get it this new vote id.

    • Hi Dinakiran,

      As you must have seen in the article we have explained that Voter ID card Download is not possible even if you try to Download Voter ID Card with EPIC Number but you can download Voter ID card Slip for the information of your voter card.

      I understand that you looking for correction in your Voter Id Card. For that you can simply fill up the online Form 8 from here: Fill Form 8 Online and in the Section V of the form, mention what correction you need. Submit the necessary documents (List of Documents) and submit.

  7. My name is included in the voter list, but I haven’t received my EPIC, what is the procedure to obtain the same ?


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