The Election Commission of India 2014 Voter ID Card Registration

A Voter ID Card is a very important piece of document not only during the elections but also during non-election years. But still being endowed with one well before the election day does help you ensure that you would be able to cast your vote and make your opinion count. Although nowadays there is an important alternative that is readily accepted at polling booths to validate and verify voter identities and that is the voter slip but that does not take away the lime-light of importance from the voter id card also known as the Election Commission of India identity card.

One of the most obvious reasons why a voter slip can not make the voter id card obsolete is the longevity of the voter id card. A voter id card has much more shelf life and is very easily preserved and maintained. You could very easily keep it in your wallet or a handbag and be assured that would not shrivel. Whereas a voter slip only comes in handy during the election day and not only that, the voter slip is not supposed to stay with you once you have cast your vote. Therefore one must not think that a voter slip completely fills the shoes of voter id card.

All in all a voter id card is still a very important identity document issued by the Election Commission of India. In this article we tell you the online process for getting voter identity card in the present year 2014. Since the Election Commission of India is charged with a duty of handling the issuance process for a voter id card therefore the online registration process revolves around the ECI website. Also, we shall enlighten you about other important voter concerns like the election commission of India voter list and ways of checking voter id application status.

How to get  the Election Commission India Voter Identity Card in 2014

Although the process for getting an Election Commission of India Voter identity card does not change from one year to another but still the officials at the commission keep on adding layers of convenience into the voter registration process. The biggest example of the value addition to the name inclusion process is the voter id online initiative by the election commission. Now the voters can directly apply for registration from the comfort of their homes by using their computer screens. Such an addition launched a few years back is the perfect example of adaption of technology into the governance services. We can now easily see a number of avenues where e-governance is catching up but the voter id card online registration process is the one that has fared forward to be one of the easiest and the least time-consuming e-governance initiative.

So here is how to get an Election commission of India voter id card online: –

Step 1

Log on to www.eci.nic.in

Step 2

On the ECI website homepage, you would be able to see a host of options on the right side of the page, relating to voter registration. These options go like: –

  • Enrol Now, Become a Voter!(The option through which you can apply for inclusion of your name to the voters list)
  • National Electoral Search(Redirects you to http://electoralsearch.in/ where you can perform an Election Commission of India identity card search).
  • Enroll as NRI Voter(This is the option that lets you access the voter id card for no. 6A that is meant for registration of overseas voters into election commission of India identity card list).
  • Apply for corrections(If you see any errors in your voter details on your voter id card or in the voters list then this option lets you rectify them online).
  • Voter education channel(Link to various voter awareness and guidance videos).
  • Search your name in the election commission of India voters list.
  • If you have any complaint, register here.
  • Polling Station maps, BLO contact numbers(BLOs are charged with the verification of your identity once your application for voter id card is accepted. You can find your area’s BLO’s contact details on this link. You can also find directions to your prescribed polling stations by using this link).
  • PDF electoral rolls(Clicking this link would enable you to access the PDF versions of the election commission of India identity card lists).
  • List of claims and objections(Through this you can view a list of all the claims and objections made to entries in the voter list 2014 of your constituency).
  • Online submission of candidate affidavits(This section is meant for the candidates contesting elections. They can submit the required
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Click on the following icon that says ‘Enroll Now, Become a Voter!’ This is the option that would help you register for your election commission of India voter id card in 2014. The same could then be used for the following purposes: –

  • Use it as a legitimate identity document required to apply for other government issued documents.
  • Use it as an identity proof while applying for a visa or a passport or driving licence in India.
  • Use it as a means to gain entry into the polling booth in the voters list of which your name is included, on the election day.

first step to get a voter id card 2014 online election commission of india

After clicking the ‘enroll now’ icon, you would be redirected to the input page of the election commission of India website where you would have to enter certain details like mobile number and e-mail id. Only then would you be able to access and fill the election commission form no. 6 for inclusion of name to the voters list. This is the same form that could help you get your voter id card 2014.


On the page you reach, you will witness the following boxes: –

  • State
  • Mobile Number
  • E-Mail ID

*All three are mandatory fields

election commission of UP, Bihar and Delhi official websites where you can apply for voter id card and check status

After selecting your state from the drop down list and entering your mobile phone number and e-mail id, you must click on ‘Proceed’. Doing so, the next page would ask you for the confirmation code to be entered. This code would reach you instantly on the mobile number number you provided on the previous page, once you click proceed. After entering the confirmation code you received, you would be given access to the online version of the election commission of India form no. 6.

Eligibility for Filling the Election Commission of India Form No. 6 Online in 2014

Any Indian citizen who is 18 years old as on 1st January 2014 and is not already a registered voter in any other constituency of India is eligible for voter registration and hence for filling the election commission of India identity card form 6 in 2014. You are also eligible for filling this form if you are an 18 year or older Indian citizen who is shifting his/her place of residence outside the current constituency of residence. Therefore all those voters who shift to another address that lies in a different constituency can also fill the voter id card form no. 6 and apply for a fresh registration in the election commission of India identity card list of the new constituency. In such case they would have to provide complete details about the previous registration. The application for election commission of India could filled throughout the year but not more than once. You are only allowed to fill and submit the form no. 6  only once. Any mistakes or errors in the voter id details later can be rectified by filling a different election commission of India form(Form 8 for correction of details).

Offline Election Commission of India Identity Card Application Guidelines

The eligibility for filling the form no. 6 offline(by filling the physical paper application form) is the same as mentioned in the previous section. But for the submission of this application for election commission of India identity card you must keep in mind a few things. Firstly, even this application has to filled only once. That means if you have already filled the form no. 6 online then you don’t have to fill the offline form as they both serve the same purpose of inclusion of your name into the election commission of India voters list. The submission of the offline form no. 6 for voter identity card could be any time of the year but it is during the period of summary revision that your options increase. Whenever the summary revision of electoral rolls is going on in your state, the application for your voter identity card could be submitted at a number of specified centers(mostly polling stations) along with the usual options. But if you plan to fill and submit this form in a period when summary revision is not on then you can only submit your application at the local ERO(Electoral registration officer) office. So lets sum up the question: –

‘Where can I submit my offline form no. 6 i.e application for election commission of India identity card?’

  • During the summary revision period(period of draft of voters list 2014)-> At specified voter facilitation centers(mostly polling stations) or at the usual local ERO office.
  • Any other time of the year-> Submission of new voter id card application could only be done at the local ERO office.

Please note that while submitting your application offline, you need to attach the certain documents required to apply for election commission of India identity card. These documents are: –

  • A document for residential proof. This is required to assure the officials that the address you provided in the application is correct. Any govt. bank statement or a letter from a government organization with you as the recipient would be enough.
  • 2 passport size photographs. Something that would go on your actual election commission of India identity card. So make sure its clear and your face is recognizable
  • A document to validate your age. This is only needed for the applicants who lie in the 18-21 years of age. Your class 10th passing certificate issued by a recognized board of education would be apt.
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While applying online for the election commission of India voter identity card, you can upload the scanned PDF versions of the above mentioned forms and the .JPEG format of the passport size photographs. The option to upload would easily be found on the online version of the voter registration form no. 6. But it is not mandatory to upload these documents while applying online for the voter id card. The Booth Level Officer would collect and verify the same documents upon his verification visit to your residence when your application is successfully submitted and accepted. To know the status of the same application you can head over to the CEO website of your state and find the ‘check voter id application status‘ option. You can then use your unique application id to check the same.

How to check Election Commission of India Identity Card Status?

Although it is possible to apply for a voter identity card on Election Commission of India website, it is not possible to check your application status on the same. For that purpose, you have to visit the CEO website of your state. To find links to the various state CEO website, you can click the option on the ECI website homepage that says ‘Links to state CEO websites‘. This option could be found on the left side of the page. Here is the direct link to the list of all the states’ CEO websites: – http://eci.nic.in/eci_main1/Links.aspx

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Election Commission of States

As we know, specialization of tasks and division of labor always makes the tasks more manageable. Especially for a country like India where there are so many states and each state has above par population, the need for a more localized authority to handle voter registration and election related tasks in evident. For that reason each Indian state has a CEO Office that works under the supervision of the main election commission of India and handles the voter grievance solving, education and election monitoring tasks of the specific state. It is therefore also possible to directly apply for an election commission of India identity card aka voter id card on your own state’s CEO website. The tasks like accessing the PDF version of voter list 2014 and checking application status are also possible on the same. Let us tell you more about the Chief Election Officers of some Indian states.

election commission of UP, Bihar and Delhi official websites where you can apply for voter id card and check status

Election Commission of UP

EC of UP or CEO Uttar Pradesh office is the authority charged with the duty of regulating elections and voter registration in Uttar Pradesh. The chief electoral officer of this state is Mr. Umesh Sinha. Official website is www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in. To get the voter id card 2014 in Uttar Pradesh, you can either use the above mentioned method to apply on the ECI website or you can also log on to the provided CEO UP web address and apply for voter id card directly there.

  • You can also access the UP voters list 2014 by visiting the following link: – On the landing page, you would have to select your district and the assembly constituency of which you want to access the PDF voters list.
  • To register online for election commission of India identity card in Uttar Pradesh 2014, you can visit the following link: – http://ceouttarpradesh.nic.in/online_reg.aspx


Election Commission of Bihar

EC of Bihar has its official web address in the form of ceobihar.nic.in. The Chief Electoral Officer of  Bihar is Mr. Ajay Nayak(IAS). The official website of CEO Bihar offers a host of voter registration and facilitation services. Below are some of the important links in the same respect.

  • To search your name in the PDF Voters list 2014 Bihar, you can use this link: – http://ceobihar.nic.in/search_in_pdf.html
  • Another way to look up your name is by searching for it in the election commission of Bihar E-Rolls. The E-Rolls are the electronic versions of the Bihar voter lists on the CEO website and you can simply enter your details to check whether your name is entered in the electoral roll of your constituency or not. Here is the link to perform the name search: – http://www.ceobihar.nic.in/searchinroll.html
  • You can also check your name in the Election Commission of Bihar identity card list by sending a simple SMS. To do so, just type ELE [Space] 10 digit Voter Id Number and send it to 56677
  •  To access the election commission of India identity card forms online and to proceed with e-registration of name into the Bihar voter list 2014, you can visit the following link: –
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Election Commission of Delhi

The election commission of Delhi or the CEO office Delhi works day and night under the supervision of the election commission of India to facilitate the proper run of elections and facilitation of the Delhi voters. The head i.e. the chief electoral officer of Delhi is Mr. Vijay Dev(IAS). He was also the recipient of the Best Electoral Practices Award by the hon’ble President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on the eve of the national voters day 2014. Not to mention the scale and quality of voter education campaigns run by this CEO office are considered among the best in the nation.

The official website of election commission Delhi is ceodelhi.gov.in and there are host of voter services that are catered to, on the same website. We have mentioned a few important voter help links in the following section.

  • To apply for a new voter identity card 2014 in Delhi: – http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/login.aspx Please note that you need to be registered voter on the CEO Delhi website to apply online and access the online form no. 6 for inclusion of name to electoral roll.
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  • To check election commission of Delhi identity card application status: –http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/CheckApplicationStatus.aspx On the landing page, just check your form no. and enter your application id then enter the captcha code. After doing all this, just click ‘Search’. You would then be able to know your voter id card application status in Delhi.
  • Being treated badly by the officials? Your voter id card Delhi application is pending since a long time? Or just want give some feedback and suggestions to the CEO Delhi? Don’t worry, let the higher officials at the election commission of Delhi hear your voice. File an e-complaint on the CEO Delhi official website. Here is the link that would help you file an complaint or give feedback relating to the voter identity card registration process: – http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/CallCentreComplaintRegister.aspx

Election Commission of India Identity Card Number Search

Once you have completed the registration process for your election commission of India identity card and you have successfully included your name to the voters’ list of your constituency then you must know about the process through which you can perform an identity card number search. To search for your details in the electoral roll using your voter id card number, you can visit the election commission of India official website. On the website home page you have to select the following option present on the right side of the page: – ‘National Electoral Search’.

how to search using your election commission of India identity card number


Upon clicking this option, you would be re-directed to electoralsearch.in which is another election commission of India online portal that is especially meant to help the Indian voters to search their names and details in the voters lists of their respective constituencies. On the landing page you would have to options. The first one is to search for your name in the election commission of India identity card list by entering your voter details like: –

  • Applicant’s name
  • Father’s/Husband’s name
  • State
  • Constituency
  • Age
  • Gender

Once you enter this information you would be able to verify your name in the voter list 2014 of your constituency.

The other option to perform the same search on the landing page is by searching using your election commission of India identity card number. To do so, you must select the option: – ‘Search by EPIC No.’ on the landing page. Once you do so, you would be able to check your name in the electoral roll 2014 of your constituency by simply entering your voter id card number and then selecting your state.

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