Voter ID Form 6: How to register my wife at the New Address?

Here is a simple guide to get you wife’s name registered at her new address after marriage, using Voter ID Form 6.

Wedding bells ring and bring good luck along with a set of duties and responsibilities to the people who get married. These responsibilities and duties require both the bride and groom to take care of each other and go hand in hand through all the difficulties and situations of daily life.

Now that enough said about the tasks inside wedlock, we would like to mention that the bride and the groom also have to take care of each other’s duty towards the nation and the whole system. Therefore, it should be the duty of the husband to make sure that his wife is registered as a voter and also that she has an updated/new Voter ID Card at the new address to which she has shifted after leaving behind her parent’s house.

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Voter ID Form 6 – The form for every new registration:

Recently got married? Here is how you can register your wife at the new address If she is a new voter she has to fill voter id card form no. 6, here is why registration is important

How to get my wife enrolled using Voter ID Form 6?

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Our purpose for writing this article is not to state that only the husband could register his wife as a voter. We are merely stating it that it should be his duty, the wife has to take the initiative and fill the Voter ID Card Form No. 6 herself, the method would remain the same.

Here are the different ways of registration of you companion at the new address:-

  • If she is a new voter i.e for the first time then she has to fill in Form No. 6 for her enrollment as a new voter. This form can be downloaded from the CEO(Chief Election Officer) Website of your state.
  • If your wife is already a voter and has a Voter ID Card but from a different constituency, then she would be required to fill the Form No. 6 for the change of residence.
  • If she is a voter from the same Assembly constituency as her new home and only needs to change the address on the voter id card, in this case she has to fill Form 8-A for the change of residence within the same constituency. This for could also be downloaded from the CEO website of your state.
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What could she use as a proof of residence to submit alongside Voter ID Form 6?

As a proof of residence your wife could submit a copy of her marriage certificate or a copy of the marriage invitation card would be enough.

This sums up all the methods and scenarios for the registration of your companion as a voter at the new address. Hence you should waste no time and help your wife register as soon as possible.

The first document that comes to mind whenever one thinks of a new registration or a new Voter ID Card is the Form No. 6. This is perhaps the most important form for the whole voting and electoral process. This form is similar to a foundation stone which builds voters out of the normal citizens and hence constructs the whole structure for the democracy.

Since your beloved better half has left behind her old home to lead a life at your place and surroundings out of her own comfort zone, you must ensure that she is registered as a voter at the new address which would enable her to take a decision and cast a vote during elections to choose officials who would govern her new constituency of residence.

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Things could be difficult for the newly wedded bride as she has to adjust to completely new surroundings. So, if she is registered as a voter and has her name in the Voters’ List for the new address, this move might give her a sense of belonging and help her feel at home.

The participation of women in the whole electoral process

Hence, for a husband the registration of his wife and getting her a Voter ID Card by filling Form No. 6 should be a task of utmost priority and something that should not be delayed or neglected. The women have a 49% percent share in the voter force and hence their opinion is really important for the nation. They have a huge influence on the way things should work in our country, hence the registration of each and every woman is necessary. Hence, both men and women should make sure that it happens.

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  1. i live in jamshedpur ,married on 22 november 2017,wife is from ranchi ,how to update her voterid card online .

  2. Dear,

    i have to change my wife address, but when i tried to apply online no options showing for marriage certificate as address proof in form 6. kindly advise.

  3. Do a woman have to remove her name from her city before marriage and then get enrolled into the new city OR can she directly register for voter id in the new city.

  4. After marriage my voter card sur name & address change. Plz constituency changed.. what forms will i need to fill in online procedure…Marriage certificate is a proof of marriage.

  5. hello
    i have recently got married and I’m from Uttar Pradesh married in west bengal. i want to get my name and address and constituency changed.. what forms will i need to fill… form 8 or form 6 ?

    please help thanks

  6. What will be the identity & address proof for married women !? Is marriage certificate enough for identity & address proof as she want to change her surname also along with address !!!?
    And if she has already issued voter ID card befor marriage then which form she has to fill !?

    • Hi Bishwajit,

      Marriage certificate is a proof of marriage, for ID proof can be her PAN Card, Driving License, Passport etc. Address proof can be Passport any government utility bill like light bill, electricity bill etc. However if she does not have any of these in her name, the the Husband’s address proof can be given. Since the name of the Husband is mentioned in the Marriage certificate the husband’s proof is valid for her address proof as well.

  7. Dear sir,mam
    i want to change my address on my voter card.help me please.
    All my details given in the voter id card are wrong only my name is mentioned correctlyand also date of birth printed incorrectly.So I want apply for passport. now i m married so how i can change may elaction card. I want that with may name and my husbends
    Plz help me
    please reply me.

  8. mere ID card me pitaji ka nam galat hai so please correct my father’s name. my father’s name is sh. Nanku Prasad. my ID no. is UP/59/317/087145

  9. THanks for the info. But the ECI website doesnt seem to be working. I put in my mobile number after clicking on register online and then nothing. Just a blank screen staring back at me. Would be helpful if you enclose specific links in you post/ article above


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