How to Search my Name in Election Commission of India Website?

The Election Commission of India is an autonomous body that is responsible for regulating all the functions pertaining to elections held in India. India is a huge democracy and after every five years, elections are held. The people who are eighteen years and above have the legitimate right to vote and in order to vote, you need to get your name registered in the voters list. Once you get it registered, you can easily search your name in website of the election commission of India by following … [Read more...]

What Opinion Polls Predict About Delhi Assembly Elections 2015?

In less than 2 Days to go, Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 would take place. This is going to be a Historic Election, not only because it is a re-run of the 2013 Assembly Election but also because it is the final showdown between the ruling party BJP and AAP(the 2nd largest party to emerge in 2013 Election). Although most of the opinion polls show more or less complete crowding of its winning seats, but still it would be too early to accept the fact that Congress has lost its ground in a territory … [Read more...]

Election Commission of India Issues Notices to AAP

Less than 6 days to go for the Delhi Assembly Elections. BJP has launched an all-out attack on the Aam Aadmi Party. Congress is hardly being considered as a threat, by both of the mentioned parties. Kiran Bedi has been avoiding interviews for some time but on her behalf, a whole team of BJP Union Ministers, party workers and even PM Modi are campaigning and addressing rallies with full swing. Arvind Kejriwal is also actively campaigning along with his whole team of volunteers. Congress is also … [Read more...]

How Does CEO Delhi Help You Obtain A Voter ID Card?

Voter ID card is not only essential to cast vote today, it is also useful to have the voter id card for: Registering your name in the voters' list if you change your residence in India Include your name in the electoral roll if you've got married and changed your surname and place of residence. Buy tickets online, such as railway tickets for AC and non-AC classes. It is also essential to have a photo identity card to buy Tatkal tickets. Get passports or other identity cards. The … [Read more...]