Include Your Name In The Voter List – Enrollment of Name in Voters List

Voter list is essential for democracy. In a large country like India, a voter list must be constantly updated. While many new voters require including their names in the list, there are others who require changing their address or name. As electoral process has been streamlined and made online, such changes are now easy and quick.

However, don’t forget that you need to proactively go ahead to get your name included in the electoral roll, or get a voter ID card. Here are some tips to help you get the result you want – effectively and efficiently.

Voter List And Its Importance

People of India elect their representatives through elections that are held after every few years. The country is divided into many constituencies and each constituency is represented by a Member of Parliament – who is selected through elections. Voters also choose their state assembly representatives and councilors.

As per R P Act of 1950 and subsequent amendments an Indian citizen who resides in India and has attained an age of 18 years is an eligible voter. Citizens living outside India but working for the Indian government are also entitled for voting rights. The Election Commission of India (ECI) is responsible for elections in the country. It is a quasi-judiciary body where the members are appointed by the President of India. The ECI maintains the electoral roll through its state or local election commissioners.

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Voters are eligible to vote only if their names are listed in the voter list or electoral roll. Remember, a voter can be listed only in one voter’s list.

Preparation Of Electoral Roll

One of the major tasks of ECI is to prepare an accurate electoral roll. Once created, the electoral roll must be maintained and updated frequently.

Although you need to take the initial step to get your name listed in a voter’s list, the ECI on its part also conducts a campaign proactively to get names that were earlier missed out included in the list. However, the door-to-door campaign by the ECI is conducted only after a span of 10 years. Often, the Election department specifies a date each year when the revision is done.

If you can grab such an opportunity, you can get your name included in the voter list without much hassle. However, many voters miss the chance. In such a case, you need to initiate the process yourself.

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How To Include Name Into Voter List

Consider a situation where you have just got married and you have changed your surname and your place of residence. Or, consider another situation where you have just attained adulthood or 18 years of age. You need to include your name into the voter list of your place of residence.

There are two ways of doing it – either by applying for the same online or registering the same with the Election Registration Officer (ERO) or a designated officer.

For online submission, you need to:

In case you are applying online, you need to:

  • Log in to your state’s election commission website
  • Key-in your name, email ID and mobile number. Unique login number and password would be provided to you.
  • Log in once again through this unique number and password to the website.
  • Download form 6 online
  • Fill in all the required parameters asked for in the form – it must be complete and accurate.
  • Attach 2 of your passport-size color photograph.
  • Click the “Submit” button.
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List of Documents required for Voter ID Card Application – Click Here


Generally it would take around a month to get your name listed in the voter list. However, you can also check the status of your Voter ID online, via SMS or by visiting your local State CEO office. Please refer this Voter ID status article for more information. Visit this link for a detailed guide on ‘How to apply for Voter ID Card online?

How to get your name introduced or included in the Voter List

For any query or problems regarding the update, contact your local election office. In case you are applying through the ERO, you would be given the same form 6 for initiating the process. A date of hearing would be allotted to you after submission of the form. If your papers are correct, your name would be listed in the electoral roll.

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  1. Kindly include my name in voting list 2017 . Reshma Arora-Samuel , 10/6, Konark Nagar 1, Viman Nagar, Pune -411014.My adhar no. is 377573904954 . My previous voting booth region was alloted at St. Patricks Town, Hadapsar, Pune -13

  2. i did not get my voter id cord after risolve my rong name plis send my voter id thau i give my vote.

  3. Sir,
    my name himanshu shrivastava i have voter id card but my name is not register in the voter’s list. And i don’t know your special camp on 9march 2014, sir please give me information about my problem.

  4. Sir,
    I am from Uttarakhand .

    Can you pls help me to get voter ID card as I have read your instruction and than visited official page of UK govt but I have not seen about online registration for voter ID card.

    Pls help me on the same regard

  5. I apply before minimum 4 month my father name change in water ID but i not receiver new water Id Card then please help me.
    Contact no : +91 9601690104

  6. actually maine 2month pehele voter id card rajistration kara tha bt ab tak nhi aya so kb tak ayega form dwarka ma submit kiya tha

  7. My application ID:04382849 i have received SMS that the my application is rejected due to Photo not given. But the Photo is attached along with the application i have saved the acknowledgement of the electrol roll.

  8. Give me the image to download voter photo Identity Card for me and my wife Manika das Bearing Seriel No. of 46 & 47 of 37 Goalpara East LAC of Assam.


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