How to Search Your Name in the Electoral Roll on Election Commission of AP Website?

Consider this: an executive got transferred to a city in Andhra Pradesh from West Bengal and wanted to update his electoral card. He accessed election commission of AP identity card registration link and downloaded Form 8. He uploaded the form with relevant documents.

After few months, he found out from the election commission of AP identity card status link that that his electoral card was ready. But, the executive wanted to know if his name was entered in the voter list.
There are hundreds of voters who are transferred to various locations in India and they need to update their voter ID card, get their name listed in the voter list, and more. Do you need to visit the Election Registration Officer (ERO) to apply for a change and find out the status? No, here is how it works.

Election Commission of AP

Each state has its own dedicated election commission website. So, if you are in Andhra Pradesh, you can access the Election Commission AP website, http://www.ceoandhra.nic.in if you are looking for applying for a voter card or checking the status of your electoral card.

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Check your name in the election commission of AP voters list

Elections are monitored and implemented by the Election Commission of India (ECI). However, there are many ‘Chief Electoral Officers’ (CEO) which work under the ECI. There is a CEO for each state. So, India now has 29 CEOs. They ensure that Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections are held without any difficultly in the state.

What You Can Do with Election Commission of AP

You can do many jobs with the online CEO site, such as:
Access various forms to apply for a fresh voter ID, seek modification in your existing voter card
Check the status of your voter card registration

Find out whether your name has been enlisted in the voter card…And, you don’t have to visit the ERO’s office in person. You can do these activities right from your home by just logging into CEO Andhra website.

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Election Commission of AP Voter List

The voters, who have been staying in the state, can check into the CEO Andhra website and…Access the Electoral Roll link. A series of text boxes and links are displayed.Enter the District in the relevant text box.Enter the Constituency in the relevant text box.Click the link, Polling Station. A list of Polling Stations will be displayed.

Select the language in which you want to check your electoral roll. It can be English or Telegu, and so on. A series of PDFs are displayed. Download the appropriate PDF file from the list. …And, you should be able to check your name in the electoral roll.

However, in case you have just applied for a fresh voter ID card or looking for modification of your existing card, you should go to: ‘Search your Name’ link and find out whether your name has been registered in the updated electoral roll.You should submit your EPIC number, District, Name, House number to get the required data.
…The status of your name in the voter list will be shown to you. If you have an updated voter card, the election commission of AP voter list will be updated as well. Regularly, updated electoral roll is published by the CEO Andhra website. You must check from time to time if your name has been entered or not.

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Voter ID and Electoral List Camps

The Election Commission of AP organizes various camps in different locations in Andhra Pradesh to make it convenient for people to register for their voter ID or seek changes in the electoral roll.

Electoral rolls are important as they will allow you to cast your vote in your constituency. Not only Lok Sabha General Elections, but also elections for State Assemblies, Gram Panchayats, and Municipal Corporation are done using the electoral roll. This list is updated regularly under the direction of the ECI. The State Election Commission (SEC) also helps in updating the electoral roll for the Gram Panchayat and Municipal Corporation elections.

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