Equality and Voter ID Card Mumbai

People in the modern India thrive for equality. Equality is most often assumed to be desirable, to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. This is the economic aspect of equality. An aspect that leads to the proper functioning of the financial and monetary sectors of the nation and at the same time keeping up the harmony between the citizens. Many political parties too aim at achieving this kind of equality or at least list such an aspiration in their agendas.

The link between Voter ID Card Mumbai and Inequality.

People should be aware that equality is not always aimed at reducing the economic gap. There are other aspects of inequality too. Gender inequality has also always been a matter of concern for social activists and policy makers alike. Let us talk about the City of Mumbai. In this city too, just like other cities of India, there exists some degree of inequality, both social and economic. To stark a contrast for this aspect, let us bring two widely different terms in the same phrase i.e  Equality and the Voter ID  Card Mumbai. Before your bafflement reaches its height, let us brief you about the motive of using these to dissimilar terms in the same phrase.

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When we talk about the Gender inequality, many of us must jump to the assumption that we are talking about a male-female divide in the society of Mumbai or any other city of India. This is not correct. Gender inequality is faced by another important section of society. This section is that of the Transgenders.

The Voting Inequality.

Not mentioning the other types of problems that the transgenders have to face in the society, the inequality relevant to our discussion is the inequality in terms of participation in the democracy. In the modern society and ideology prevalent today, being able to vote is one of the first instances of gained individualism. The evidence of the elector inequality faced by the transgenders is gained by reports that only 288 voters were registered under the category sectioned as others. This means only 288 transgenders had Voter ID Cards in Mumbai. This is a big let down for the so called modern society which gives equal rights to every one. To tackle this, more and more members of this section of society must be enrolled in the Voters’ Lists. This would ensure that the transgenders have the much required sense of individualism gained by exercising their franchise to vote and choose their desired leader.

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There is soon going to be a transgender voter registration drive for Voter ID Card Mumbai.

Transgender Voter Registration Drive.

The Election Commission of India has not turned a blind eye towards this matter. It must know that how much important new Voter Registration is for people from each and every divide of the society. That is, how much important equality is in this particular area of discussion. This has been made possible by the efforts of Child and Women Development Department that has suggested the CEO(Chief Electoral Officer) to conduct a special drive. This Drive would aim at registering more and more transgenders for their Voter ID Cards in Mumbai. This move would surely help a large number of people from this section of society to keep up opinion and vote for the leader they think would make a difference. The state of Mumbai has also proposed a Transgender Welfare Board to be set up. This board would look into their grievances and take steps for ensuring the well being of the transgenders.

How would this drive benefit this section of society?

With this move of issuing Voter ID Card in Mumbai and registering the transgenders as voters, in large numbers, the Society shall witness and take one step forward towards decreased gender inequality. Although we, as citizens of India, must also actively take part in this wave. This task would require the combined effort from all sections of the society. We all would love to live in a nation where there are lesser social boundaries between people and all the sections of society live with peace and harmony, with equal rights and opportunities for all.

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What You Could Do To Help Make this Drive Successful?

So if you are intimidated and enlightened about the fact that how much important social and gender inequality is, you could help such people register as voters. Voter ID Form 6 is required for new voter registration. So if you know someone who would benefit by being registered as a voter, you could help them fill this Voter Registration Form and be a part of the ongoing wave which is aimed at creating equality within all sections and groups of this nation.


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