How to Get a Fresh Voter Identity Card When Original One is Damaged?

The electors’ photo identity card (EPIC) is must to allow a genuine voter whose name is included in the voter list to cast vote during elections. This card is issued under the orders of Election Commission of India (ECI) to check a series of malpractices that were widespread during elections prior to the introduction of the election cards  in India – Role of Election Commission of India for Free-and-Fair Elections.

The election card is distributed by the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) after the voter’s credentials are verified. The card has the photograph of the voter, age and residence specification, relationship specifications, etc. The voter identity card not only allows a voter to vote but also help a voter to avail many services that are meant for an Indiancitizens – An Overview of Voters List and Its Importance in India

But, what happens when the electoral card gets damaged? To know whether you can get a fresh one, read on.

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Getting a Fresh Voter Identity Card  

Electoral cards are essential not only for exercising one’s voting rights but also opening bank accounts, gas connections, or mobile phone connections. If your present card is damaged – say, printed data is effaced or lost — you must take proper precautions to ensure your card is not misused and you can use you card in future as well.

Steps for Applying for a new Voter ID

However, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) available for each state will not give another voter card without seeking adequate explanation on the whereabouts of the original one. So, you should refer the following the steps to ensure you get a fresh identity card quickly and conveniently when the first one is damaged.

  • Visit your nearest police station and file an FIR specifying that voter card is damaged or lost. Take a copy of the FIR as it will be necessary to submit the document during your application for a fresh card.
  • Visit your state CEO website.
  • Specify your mobile number, name, and email ID. A unique username and password will be forwarded to you through a text message.
  • Login again to the site with the fresh username and password. Various forms will be displayed.
  • Click form 2 and fill in the required data.
  • Upload a scanned copy of your passport size photo.
  • Upload soft copy of your documents that certifies your age, identity, and place of residence.
  • Click the Submit button.
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…You can also submit the attached copies to the local Election Registration Officer (ERO). As you are seeking a fresh copy of your voter card, you need to also pay a penalty to the election office.

Get a new Voter ID Card if the original Voter Card is damaged or lost

Tips for Submission of Form 2

Many voters fail to submit the form or do not complete all the steps to apply for a new voter ID card. Here are some tips to address these issues.

  • If you have not completely filled up the form, you will not get your voter ID card. After clicking the Submit button, you must get a message that it has been submitted properly. If not, your form has not been submitted.
  • Error can occur because:
    • Soft copy of your photo is more than 50 KB. If it’s not in .jpeg format, the form will not be accepted.
    • Soft copies of the documents must be in PDF format and less than 1 MB.
    • All radio buttons in the Declaration section must be selected.
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From time to time, don’t forget to check the status of your application in the same website. It is possible that Booth Level Officers (BLOs) visit your residence to check the credentials you have submitted with the form. Once verified, a fresh copy of your photo ID card should arrive by post within a month.

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  1. hi i’am sathish

    I have duplicate voter id card but i lost my original voter id card, how can i get original voter id card.

  2. I am applied volter id card 2011 but still I am not getting volter id. Election time volter slip only give. so I want volter id what can I do?

  3. Respected sir,
    I lost my voter id card, please give me procedure of regenerate it, or create new one or create duplicate voter id card.

  4. I lost my voter id along with my purse. How can i get a new one? My native place is Village Raghabapur, Salipur, Cuttack, Odisha and I lost it in Mayurbhanj, kindly please give a solution to get a new one.. Thankyou

  5. i didn’t lost my voter card but it was washed away in my clothes and damaged badly, will i have to lodge FIR in such case also?


    I have my original voter id card but on that no photo clarity please help me how do i apply duplicate voter id

  7. Dear sir,
    Seergoverdhan pur(near R.S. Children Academy) b.h.u. Varanasi 221005

  8. Dear Sir,
    I have lost my mom original voter id card but i have one photocopy so how to i get voriginal voter id card

  9. Sir,

    This is in continuation of my earlier mail dt 30th Nov. ’13. I am a resident of Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow.

    My & my late mother both had a valid Voter Card, but due to some unknown reason our names were removed from the voters List, (along with many others in our locality, I still do have the old voter card). I had to refill the Forms and persue to get myself in the electoral rolls once again, a new Voter ID was alloted to me (missing my voting rights for some years).

    I still await my Voter ID card which I still have not received. Who do you think is responsible for this.


  10. dear sir as i have read all this now i want to know can i place an FIR in other state’s police station as am living in mumbai and i am from UP(agra) and also tell me how much charge i have to pay for this.
    thank u reply this as soon as possible

  11. Sir,
    Although my name is in the Voter’s list for the last many years but I have still not received my Voter ID Card. I have to cast my vote using my other ID Card or Passport.

    I am residing in Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow and would like to know whom to contact.


  12. Dear Sir,
    I lost my original voter id card but i have one photocopy so how to i get voriginal voter id card


  14. my voter card misplaced and I want to generate new duplicate voter card please inform me how to obtain it. BHOPAL MP

  15. Dear All,
    I have lost My Votor Id. I would like to change my addredd in my votor id urgently.

    Votor Id No:- KQZ2036507.

    Could anybody help me out on this.

    Pravesh Kumar, Sr. Executive-Sales & Marketing, Toyo Tanso India Pvt. Ltd.
    Bangalore, Karnataka. Mo:07411081294

  16. sir i lost my voter id but i have a photo copy of my voter id. How can i get a new voter id or duplicate one.

  17. Hi,

    We have shifted to Patparganj from Rohini. We all have valid Voter I.D. Cards but with old address. Now as we have shifted to and our address is changed, How we can get new voter I.D. Cards with new address.

    We have other address proof of our new address.


  18. meri voter id gum ho gai hai kripeya duplicate banbane ki kripa kare
    hari singh/shri man singh gram gader post guna tehsheel guna jila guna m.p.
    voter id no.mp/04/029/372121

  19. I lost my voter id card along with my money back.Please help me to get dublicate voter id card.

  20. i applied new voter ID card through MP online kiosk from sagar on 02/07/2013 my registration no is 26068 and my wife Smt Shashi kala jain No is 26069. kindly check of the status of said application . The new voter id is very important because i have applied passport and document submission date in passport office Bhopal is 19/07/2013. Kindly check status and new Voter id send to my address.


    Kanti Jain

  21. Sir, I have lost my voter’s ID on 6th july, 2013 in Bangalore. Kindly give me guidance to apply for duplicate voter’s ID, Also, I want to know whether the original ID can be misused by anybody?

  22. I m not able to attach the files aka documents. I tried attaching in jpg as well as pdf acc to required criteria
    But unseccessful. Need help plz

  23. Dear sir I requisting for my father voter id date/of birth is wrong that so u need the correct date/of birth made for u sir please i small requist for get a new one Thank u………………!

  24. Sir, I lost my voter id along with my money purse. How can i get a new one? My native is nagercoil and i lost it in puducherry.. Sir, kindly plz give a solution to get a new one.. Thankyou..

    • Sir, I lost my voter id along with my purse. How can i get a new one? My native is nagercoil and i lost it in puducherry.. Sir, kindly plz give a solution to get a new one.. Thankyou

  25. i lost my sister voter id card,how to get the duplicate card its important me…………please reply soon


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