How to Register in the Voters’ List if I live in a Hostel/mess and Have the Address of my Native Place on my Voter ID Card?

Students are an essential part of the voter force. They have tremendous zeal, enthusiasm and a perfect mindset for choosing the perfect leaders to govern them. A Voter ID Card is an essential document for students to be able to cast their votes from their native place.

There could be situations where a student has to move to another state or a constituency for studies at a better university or college. In these situations one has to generally live in a hostel or a mess.

Being far away from home it is quite inconvenient for the students to go to their native place for voting during the elections. Although voter ID Card could be obtained online but the process of voting still mandates for the voter to be physically present at the polling booth with his/her election card or other identity booth.

Because of the duties toward studies and career with the increasing number of assignments, projects etc., the students have no other option but to trade off voting with increased study hours.

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Although if it is somehow possible that even though the student has the permanent address of his/her native place on the Voter ID Card but he/she is allowed to cast a vote near the place of current residence, then it would be easier for the student to take out some time and exercise the very important franchise i.e Voting.

We would like to let you know that this task is completely possible. Yes, it is possible for you to be registered in the electoral roll of the place you are residing in. Registration in the voters’ list of the constituency of your hostel would enable you to vote from your current place of residence without any problem. This would provide the students with a certain flexibility and hence they would be able to cast their vote from the place they have shifted to, temporarily, for studies and hence make full use of their Voter ID Card and more importantly, their fundamental right to vote.

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To register yourself in the electoral roll of the place you are residing in for studies, you have to fill up a declaration form available on the CEO Website of your state, declaring that you now live in a hostel/mess away from you native place for studies. The link for the form for Voter ID Card Delhi is:- http://ceodelhi.gov.in/WriteReadData/userfiles/file/Forms/proforma.pdf

Filling up this proforma would entitle you to be registered in the voters’ list and hence save you a trip to your native place for voting using your Voter ID Card. This declaration must be attached with the form 06, which is also available on CEO website of your respective states. This declaration essential for all the new voters applying for a Voter ID Card as well, who would not stay at their native place.

In the form you must indicate the name of the institution you are enrolled in along with the address of residing place(Room No./Block No./ Block Name, etc. of the hostel/mess). You must also get the declaration signed by the head of institution.

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The declaration gives you an option to retain the registration or register in the electoral roll of your native place as well with your Voter ID Card, for students who do not wish to register in the voters’ list of the place of their current residence.

The delivery of this application to the concerned Electoral Roll officer must be ensured by the applicant himself.


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