Link Aadhaar card to Voter ID Card in less than 5 minutes

Link Aadhaar card to Voter ID Card in less than 5 minutes – It is as simple as a click, next done…..

The Election Commission of India announced a few weeks back that it wants all the voters, who happen to be the holders of aadhaar Cards, to link them to their Voter ID Cards. In a bid to eliminate all the fake Voter ID Cards and put a check on the growing population of defunct and fake voters, this announcement was something that was received with great enthusiasm by the voters as well as Voter ID Card helpdesk authorities like us. So, here is a quick guide on how to link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card in less than 5 minutes through NVSP portal and SMS.

NVSP – Link Aadhaar card to Voter ID Card in less than 5 minutes:


Linking aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card is a very important task that must be taken very seriously by all the holders of both these ID Cards. Moreover, it takes just 2 minutes to feed your aadhaar Number to the Voter ID Card details. There are 2 quick ways to link aadhaar Card to Voter Card.

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Link aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card Online

You can feed the aadhaar Number to your Voter Card details by visiting the newly launched Voter ID Card Service website by the Election Commission of India. This website is called the National Voters’ Service Portal or NVSP. Type www.NVSP.in on the address bar of your internet browser to access this portal. The following steps would let you link aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card in just 2 minutes:

  • Visit www.NVSP.in
  • Click on the image with the caption, ‘Feed Your aadhaar Number’.
  • On the landing page, you would require to search your name in the Voters’ list of your constituency.
  • You can do that in two simple ways, either click on ‘Search by Name’ or ‘Search by EPIC No.’
  • We suggest you search name by entering your EPIC No. because that would take lesser time.
  • Once you enter your EPIC No., you would be able to see your details entered in the voters’ list of your Constituency.
  • Click on ‘View'(On the extreme left of the row with the details).
  • On the details page, you can then feed your aadhaar data i.e. your name and aadhaar Number as they appear on your aadhaar Card. This would link aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card
  • To complete the linking, you would need to register your mobile number and e-mail address.
  • Once you correctly enter these two details, click ‘Submit’.
  • On successful submission of details, you would receive a confirmation message via e-mail or text message. This would confirm that the successful link of aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card
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Is it mandatory to link the Voter ID Card and the aadhaar Card? Find out here.

Link aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card via SMS

Internet connection is not mandatory if you want to link aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card. This linking of the two supreme identity cards can also be done via quick text message.

To link aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card via SMS, you need to type in the following text message: –

  • ECILINK<Voter ID Card Number><aadhaar Number>
  • A sample SMS of this kind would typically look like- ‘ECILINK IJH3456780 123456789123’
  • Once you’re done typing an SMS of this format, you can send it to the number 51969
  • You would then shortly receive a confirmation SMS declaring the link aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card part.

Thus, you can choose either of the two above mentioned ways to link aadhaar Card to Voter Card and stay assured that the process would not take more than 2 minutes of your important time. If in case, you face any problems while linking the two identity cards, you can leave us a comment below.

You can also directly contact the NVSP tech support at [email protected]

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    Election commission of india also works so casually

  2. I apply for online voter id registration last 3 months ago my refrence id is
    its always show submited
    please tell me when this file is process.
    kindly provide my EPIC NO. i have urgent work of my EPIC NO.

  3. 1) Radhakrishnan N Meppadath-ID Card No. TGY6722706-M-57
    2) Suma R Meppadath-ID Card No. TGY6722714-F-46
    3) Sooraj Radhakrishnan-ID Card No. TGY6829337-M-23

    ID Card not received – where we get it ? we can generate the ID Card online?

  4. Amazing Infographic with Great Explanation.Now I get to know the Whole Process Easily that How can I Connect my Voter ID card with Aadhar Card.
    Thnx for the Post.

    • Hi Sanjeet Kumar,

      Aap is link par jaakar – Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID fir waha form fill kijiye… aapka Naam jo Aadhaaar Card pe hai, fir Voter ID card number EPIC number k column me, fir Aadhaar number aur fir aapka Mobile Number aur Email ID agar ho to. Saath hi Owner me Self fill kardena aur submit kardena

      Bas aise hi Aadhaar Seeding ya Link Aadhaar to Voter ID hoga NVSP portal pe.

  5. krapya mujhe voter id card va aadhar ko link karne ka tarika va aany jankari dene ki krapa kare taki me ye kam purn tarike se kar saku
    aapka bahut bahut dhanbad

    • Hi Kamlesh,

      Iss post me diye hue do tariko me se aap SMS wala tarika apna sakte hai. Us image me SMS me kya likhna hai aur kis tarah aur kis number pe bhejna hai wo diya gaya hai. Aap uska istemal kare aur aadhaar link to voter id kare

  6. My seniors’s Voter Id Card has the incomplete residential address. (Flat No. is not mentioned)
    He wanted to update the same in his voters id card. Please inform me what is the process for the same.
    Also, he has recently applied for the adhar card; After receiving Adhar Card will this linking of Adhar Card to Voters Id card will help in updating the voter’s id card errors automatically?
    Please Help!

    • Hi Sonam,

      Linking of Aadhaar won’t update the error and your senior will have to apply for correction in Voter ID card. He can do so by filling Form 8 found over here: Form 8

      Hope that helps

      • Dear Sir,
        I already associated my voter i card with aadhar card through online services, the other day an election commission official came to our house, for this same purpose, i again gave him my aadhar and voter i card details , as i thought a submission of the hard copy of the documents is also required. After that i got a message from election commission stating that your aadhar card is already associated and the same aadhar card cannot be submitted with multiple electoral roll entries. So is there a problem? Or the association has already been done?
        Please Reply

        • Hi Animesh,

          There is no problem. The message you got confirms that your online process to link Aadhar card to Voter ID was completed successfully and hence when the election official tried to submit the same it showed that the card is already linked. So you need not worry. Your card is linked and you are association is done.

    • Hi Sangeetahardiya,

      You can do the linking in just 2 minutes. Just follow this chart to link your aadhar card to voter ID card in 2 minutes:
      Link Aadhar Card to Voter ID card - Aadhar Seeding

  7. After seeing link aadhar card with voter id with in two minutes I send an sms. As said above,I received an sms your aadhar card details can not feed at this time please try later after I was charged Rs two.I wondered for being charged with out linking my aadhar to voter ID card.This is for everybody to note.

    • HI Sesha Sai Gaddipti,

      The aadhar card could not have been linked due to some error or technical problem with the server that handles the voter id database. Sometimes due to large number of applications these things can happen.

      However, as far as your query as to why Rs. 2 were charged, this is because the Rs. 2 is the SMS charge that you pay for sending any SMS to hotline numbers like the one mentioned for Aadhar and Voter ID card linking. The same kind of service numbers are also given by gameshows like KBC, or reality shows that allow the viewers to vote or answer questions and charges are deducted for the SMS.

      This charge is not collected by the Government or Election Commission nor by UIDAI. But these Rs. 2 charges are deducted by your mobile phone service provider because the SMS did go through. So it is the SMS charge and not the charge of Linking Aadhar Card to Voter ID Card.

      Hope I have cleared your doubt.

  8. I applied in adhar center to change address of my adhar 2 days ago. In that case Can I link my voter id to aadhar card or should I wait until I get my application done?

    Please suggest me.

    Thank you

    • Hello Friend

      please wait upto that time till your Aadhar card generated as e Aadhar card
      Pm Verma


  1. […] Adhar UID card, a result of the holistic approach towards citizen identification, is also a must have. Under NERPAP – National Electoral Roll Purification and  Authentication Programme, linking Addhaar card to voter ID card has been initiated to avoid cases of fraud and bogus voter ID cards,which were reported in many numbers in the past. Not only this,there are many advantages that one can avail from adhaar card and linking it to other ID proofs.Keeping in view,the importance of linking attar card to voter ID card ,the Government has taken many steps to make the process easier. Linking of adhar card to voter id card can be completed and status can be checked in a simple way,either by sending a sms or call or at the website.There are five ways that one can complete this process.Self seeding, portal seeding, mobile seeding, SMS seeding, call centre seeding. For more information you can just refer to this post here on linking Aadhaar Card to Voter ID Card. […]

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