Top SMS Based Services for Voter ID Card Delhi

Getting a voter id card Delhi has been made very easy by the advent of the CEO Delhi website. The website offers a very quick application process for the voters in Delhi. You can also check your voter id card Delhi status on the website and that too in a matter of seconds. In short, the presence of the CEO Delhi website is surely a boon for the voters of Delhi. Not only this website helps the young Delhi-ites to become voters but also keeps everyone updated with the latest events and drives being organized by the CEO and Election Commission. However, the convenience related to voter id card Delhi is not limited to the internet. Here are some really convenient SMS based services for Voter ID Card Delhi.

top sms based services for voter id card Delhi

Check Voter ID Card Delhi Status via SMS

Internet is an essential resource for the modern times. Therefore, it is fairly reasonable to assume that a majority of Delhi voters have computer literacy and unaltered access to internet. For this reason, services like voter id card application status check are readily available online on the CEO Delhi website. Nevertheless, not all the Citizens are familiar or comfortable with using internet on a daily basis. For this reason, the Election Commission of Delhi has developed SMS service for tasks like Checking Voter ID Card Delhi status. Here is how you can send a simple SMS and know the status of your application: –

  • Check Voter ID Card Delhi Application Status for Form6(The Form for inclusion of name in the voters’ list)
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Type F6ID<space>< Application Id > and send to 7738299899

  • Similarly, you can check the Voter ID Card Delhi application status for Form No. 7, Form No. 8 and Form No. 8A as well.

For Form No. 7(For any objection to inclusion of names in voters’ list in Delhi)

Type F7ID<space>< Application Id > and send to 7738299899

For Form No. 8(For correction of entry to voters’ list and Voter ID Card Delhi)

Type F8ID<space>< Application Id > and send to 7738299899

For Form No. 8A(For transposition of entry i.e change of address on voter id card Delhi within the same Constituency)

Type F8AID<space>< Application Id > and send to 7738299899

Other Important SMS Services for Voter ID Card Delhi

You can also receive your Voter ID Card Delhi details on your mobile screen. The CEO Delhi has an SMS-based service that allows you to receive your details entered in the voters’ list.

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You can Check EPIC(Electors’ Photo Identity Card) Details- Type EPIC<space><Voter Id No> & send to 7738299899 or 1950

The above SMS service is basically a method to check your name entered in the Voters’ List Delhi.

Link Aadhar Card to Voter ID Card Delhi via SMS

You can link your Aadhar Card to Voter ID Card Delhi by directly sending an SMS. Here is the SMS you need to type(please make sure you type exactly the way it is mentioned).

ECILINK<Space><EPIC_Number><Space><Aadhaar_Number> and send it to 51969

Make sure that you enter the correct Aadhar number and Voter ID Card Delhi number, only then would you be able to successfully feed your Aadhar number to the voters’ list Delhi.

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