How to get Voter Card Online in India?

There is one right that every citizen of India above 18 years of age has, the one right that gives him/her the power to influence the whole political system, one right after exercising which he/she can proudly say that “I am a responsible Indian citizen.” This most prestigious right is the right to vote. In order to exercise this right a very important document is needed and that is the voter ID card. The voter ID card, apart from being used in voting also acts as a valid ID and address proof. … [Read more...]

How to do Voter Registration Online?

Instant Noodles or Spaghetti? Airways or Railways? Standing in a queue or VIP attention? The obvious answers for a person who’s always in a hurry would be INSTANT NOODLES, AIRWAYS, VIP ATTENTION. Why? Because nobody likes to put more time in something that could be done in a matter of seconds. People have started doing almost everything online for the same. Another reason for this online attraction is the ease with which these jobs can be done. Like? Recharge, Shopping, Bill payments, etc. You … [Read more...]

Get Online Voter ID Registration Help at Centers Set up by ADM in Allahabad

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has come up with many solutions to ensure eligible voters can exercise their franchise and use the CEO Uttar Pradesh website www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in effectively. Allahabad is a busy city and thousands of devotees, business people, and professionals live and work here. Many elite and professional people have gone online to download an appropriate voter ID online registration form. Recently, the administration and deputy district election officer (ADM), … [Read more...]