Kiran Bedi to Contest Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Anna Hazare headed the famous India against corruption campaign, a few years back. The movement surely caught the attention of millions who were intimidated by the idea of bringing back the black money to India and by the idea of zero corruption in the nation. Surely, he was not alone in the battle. Along with the millions of citizens of India, many other strong personalities stood with the social activist. Two of these personalities have been a bit more recognizable in the recent times. The first is Arvind Kejriwal, who went ahead to form his own political party call Aam Aadmi Party(AAP). The second is Kiran Bedi, who did maintain a distance from politics, until recently.

Where is Kiran Bedi Now?

As we know, both Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi areĀ former civil servants. Arvind Kejriwal was earlier an Income tax official with the Indian Revenue Services. On the other hand, Kiran Bedi has been a famous woman IPS officer stationed in Delhi.

Kiran Bedi joins bjp before delhi assembly elections 2015

While Arvind Kejriwal, presently the chief of AAP, is busy campaigning for Delhi Assembly Elections 2015. Kiran Bedi also joined the political scene by becoming a member of the Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) headed buy Amit Shah. Not only that, if the news reports are to be believed, Kiran Bedi might as well contest the Delhi election directly against Arvind Kejriwal, in the New Delhi constituency.

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The entrance of Kiran Bedi in the political arena has surely tensed up the political fight in the capital. In a way, two important parts of the ‘India Against Corruption’ campaign are now head to head against each other. So, is the fate of this campaign against corruption is further deteriorated? Or, is it the other way round? Can the political route for the anti-corruption movement, give it the much required momentum? All these questions could only be answered once the results of the Delhi assembly elections are out.

Who Would be the Chief Minister of Delhi 2015?

We certainly don’t know the outcomes of the Delhi assembly election. Therefore, we cannot predict the name of the politician who would go on to become the next Chief Minister of India. We do have some information about the Chief Ministerial candidates for the major political parties contesting the election in Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal is the sure shot face for the CM candidate for the Aam Aadmi Party. On the other hand, BJP and Congress have not yet formally announced the names of the CM candidates from their respective parties. Therefore, we have to analyze the news reports and rumors about the same, to get an idea about the same.

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Kiran Bedi could be the face of BJP as their CM candidate. The buzz created around her joining the party is an indicator of that. Moreover, her clean image and 40 years of experience in the administration, could make her the front runners for the CM seat if BJP wins a majority in the capital.

For the Congress party, the choice of a CM candidate is even unclearer. Although, we do know that the charge for campaigning in the Delhi assembly elections is given to the veteran Congress leader, Ajay Maken. So, he may be the CM candidate from the Congress party, if the party wins the election. Other faces familiarly seen in the party meetings and press conferences are, former Congress ministers, Haroon Yusuf and Arvinder Singh Lovely.

Agenda for the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Apart from the usual calls against corruption, Aam Aadmi Party could be seen as making water and electricity bills as the agenda for contesting the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015. BJP, on the other hand, is relying on the popular leadership of Narendra Modia as the Prime Minister of India, as a means of winning the mandate in Delhi. Congress is campaigning on the basis of the development work they did during their tenure in Delhi, the same could be seen in their campaign hoardings that call for the people to ‘again’ vote for Congress.

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Some Important Info for Delhi Voters

Since the Delhi election is announced to be taking place on 7th of February 2015, there is very less time left. We suggest that the voters get their voter id cards ready and check their voters’ list details soon. This is important to complete the correction of details, if there are mistakes in them. Incorrect voters’ list or voter id card details could deter you from casting your vote in the Delhi election. So here is the simple SMS message you can send to check your EPIC details: – Type EPIC<space><Voter Id No> & send to 7738299899 or 1950

Click Here for a quick and interactive guide to voting in Delhi Elections 2015.

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