Bihar Assembly Election: Will Enemies turn Friends?

With the exact dates are yet to come, Bihar Assembly Election are all but set to make a mark in this much awaited Election after General Indian Election 2014. Already declare to be the Mother of all Elections by Chief Election Commissioner of India, this election is indeed the one of the biggest election of all time in India. Bihar Assembly Election 2015 -  Flashback 2010 - 2014: In 2010 Assembly Election, National Democratic Alliance won the election with whooping 206 seats defeating their … [Read more...]

By Election results 2015

A By-election is also known by the name of Special Election. This Election is basically held between general elections to fill a vacant seat of a member of legislative assembly in a particular constituency as a result of his/her incompetency, unfortunate demise or made to vacate their seat due to some criminal proceeding against them. (Source: Wikipedia) It won’t be unfair to state that most of the By-elections held in India are either go unnoticed or they are ignored by the grandness of … [Read more...]

The Delhi Election Results 2015- Arvind Kejriwal the CM

Some call him AK67 while others think of him as the muffler man. Some call him the man with a magical broom while others think of him as the Aam Aadmi. The names may be many but he is none other than Mr Arvind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal or popularly known as the muffler man these days has been nothing less than a Genie that came out of Anna Hazarae’s lamp during the India against corruption movement. By his simple living and high thinking, he has been able to sweep out the dust that was … [Read more...]

Delhi Assembly Election 2015 Results and Analysis

For the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015, voting and campaigning may have ended a few days ago, but the results arrived only yesterday. Yesterday i.e 10th February 2015, the Election Commission of India commenced with the counting of votes for the 70 Assembly Constituencies of Delhi for which the 67.14%  of Delhi voters cast their votes on 7th February 2015. Although, the Commission and CEO Delhi conducted the Election with utmost caution, still, 2 of the polling booths did, unfortunately, have to … [Read more...]

Delhi Assembly Elections End, Exit Polls Arrive

Election Fiasco is finally over in Delhi, after several months of rallies, road shows, interviews, song spin-offs adapted candidate names, flyers, allegations and what not. This all really had been incorporated into the daily schedule of all the Delhi-ites and now that it is over, there would surely be a somewhat desertion of roads and the people may or may not miss it. Delhi is now finally back on track with no more traffic jams but still, there is still a bone left to pick. We still have to … [Read more...]

It is AAP vs. BJP vs. Congress in the New Delhi Constituency

The three-time Congress Chief Minister for Delhi, Mrs. Shiela Dixit had to vacate her New Delhi constituency seat for AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal in the Assembly Elections of 2013. The difference between the vote share of the 2 leaders was an indicator of the immense support given to Mr. Kejriwal by the residents of the New Delhi constituency in 2013 elections. He had defeated the former CM by 25,000 votes. Nevertheless, Mr. Kejriwal even went on to form the Government with the help of the … [Read more...]