AAP organises Voter ID card Camp at Kamla Nagar

In the world's largest democracy, voter ID card is the most important ID that a citizen must possess. But the process to obtain one i.e registration etc becomes tedious and elaborate sometimes. This makes people ignore or procrastinate taking a voter ID card. Here at VoterIDCard.org.in we have all the answers and news regarding voter ID card that would make many relevant processes easier for you. In the present scenario, an address based ID proof has become mandatory for minor to major … [Read more...]

The Delhi Election Results 2015- Arvind Kejriwal the CM

Some call him AK67 while others think of him as the muffler man. Some call him the man with a magical broom while others think of him as the Aam Aadmi. The names may be many but he is none other than Mr Arvind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal or popularly known as the muffler man these days has been nothing less than a Genie that came out of Anna Hazarae’s lamp during the India against corruption movement. By his simple living and high thinking, he has been able to sweep out the dust that was … [Read more...]

Arvind Kejriwal and the Nomination March

The campaigning by AAP, Congress and BJP, is in its full swing in Delhi. As the Delhi Assembly elections 2015 are approaching closer, all these parties are increasing the rallies, radio messages, newspaper advertisements and press conferences. If you are living in Delhi then you must be hearing election jingles and audio messages from political parties, more than the songs playing on the radio. The streets are full of tableaux and processions carried out by different political parties' … [Read more...]

Meet Kumar Vishwas-The Firebrand AAP Youth Leader

“Koi Deewana Kehta Hai, Koi Paagal Samajhta Hai; Magar Dharti Ki Baicheni Ko Bas Baadal Samajhta Hai” These are the lines that welcome you to the website of Dr. Kumar Vishwas. The site leaves no stone unturned in showcasing this new and upcoming political rookie of Indian politics in his full glory. Mr. Vishwas is one of the high profile members of Aam Admi Party (AAP). Being an artist and an eloquent orator has earned him brownie points with the common man of India. So who is he? A poet? … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why We Would Love To Be An AAP Member

Indians are a hard lot to please. Except movies and cricket, very few things catch their attention or imagination. One of these is the latest blue eyed boy party called Aam Admi Party. Perhaps it symbolises the coming of age of India and Indians. We delve into what makes AAP the common man's first choice. Core Values One of the biggest advantages that AAP has over its major rivals are its core values. And it all starts right at the top. The party leader Arvind Kejriwal is a man with clean … [Read more...]

Broom-The AAP Symbol Decoded

The victory of Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Admi Party in the recent Delhi elections has stunned many. The party’s agenda and goals have found great a connection with the common man of India. One of the main but silent contributors to this victory was the party’s symbol; the broom. If the party’s intention was to start off on the right foot by choosing broom as their symbol, then they did very well for themselves. Symbolic of Indian society The broom is quite symbolic of Indian society. Just … [Read more...]