What is NOTA? How can one cast a NOTA Vote?

This Article discusses an important right that is provided to you by Election Commission of India by the permission from the Supreme Court of India. This important right is known as NOTA vote, abbreviated as “None of the Above” vote. NOTA Vote: The idea of a “None of the above” option was first originated in 1976 when the Isla Vista Municipal Advisory Council passed a resolution to put forward this choice in the official electoral ballot, in County of Santa Barbara, California, in the USA. … [Read more...]

Do criminals have Election Voting Rights in India?

The issue of election voting for criminals has been settled by the Election Commission of India. Prisoners, those convicted and those under trials, in India, can't vote in the elections. However one needs to understand the details of the same. Find out about it in detail over here. The Laws Of Election Voting: According to Section 62 (5) of the Representation of the People Act, 1952, "No person shall vote at any election if he is confined in a prison, whether under a sentence of imprisonment … [Read more...]

Voter Card Correction Made Easy!

The Indian voter card is issued by the Election Commission of India. The purpose is identity proof while casting votes during elections. The voter card is also called Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC). At times these cards have some errors or mistakes and will require you to go through the voter card correction procedure. If you do not have a voter card yet, you can get one by following instructions on this link. If you have received a voter card with some mistakes or would like to make some … [Read more...]

How to get your Voter ID card Bihar before the Elections?

With the Bihar election just within the view which is scheduled in September-October of this year, many of the new genuine and enthusiastic voters have buckled up to get themselves register in the voters list and get their voter id card Bihar, so that they can vote and bring change to their fate and state. Voter ID card Bihar: A vote can change your life We all know that every single vote counts. It will decide your as well as yours state fate. Bihar Election has recently been tagged as … [Read more...]

AAP organises Voter ID card Camp at Kamla Nagar

In the world's largest democracy, voter ID card is the most important ID that a citizen must possess. But the process to obtain one i.e registration etc becomes tedious and elaborate sometimes. This makes people ignore or procrastinate taking a voter ID card. Here at VoterIDCard.org.in we have all the answers and news regarding voter ID card that would make many relevant processes easier for you. In the present scenario, an address based ID proof has become mandatory for minor to major … [Read more...]

Could NRI Voters Cast Their Votes Without Visiting India?

In some of our previous articles, we have discussed the possibilities of voting for NRI voters without requiring them to visit India on the election day. Here is some good news for all of our NRI friends who have long aspired to actively participate in the elections by the means of voting. In the near future, e-ballot voting may become a possibility and there is official backing to this news. What is E-Ballot Voting for NRI Voters? The Union Government informed the Supreme court of India … [Read more...]