What is NOTA? How can one cast a NOTA Vote?

This Article discusses an important right that is provided to you by Election Commission of India by the permission from the Supreme Court of India. This important right is known as NOTA vote, abbreviated as “None of the Above” vote. NOTA Vote: The idea of a “None of the above” option was first originated in 1976 when the Isla Vista Municipal Advisory Council passed a resolution to put forward this choice in the official electoral ballot, in County of Santa Barbara, California, in the USA. … [Read more...]

The Joy Of Being An Indian Voter

Who Is An Indian Voter An Indian voter is a person who is eligible to vote when he/she fulfills the conditions laid down by the Indian constitution. In In In India being a voter is not a fundamental right, it is a constitutional right that people can either choose to either exercise or not. A person can become a voter irrespective of his/her caste, creed or religion. All the rules and regulations for voters are laid down by the main authority of election in India. This authority is called … [Read more...]

NOTA- Being choosy has never been so good.

Continuing our series on NOTA, we present to you another article which further explores it. Story until now Elections are an integral part of a democratic society. Every vote counts. It is the channel for citizens to express their wish and will. Sadly though, very few turn up to vote. Those who turn up most of the time end up being on the receiving end of some really bad choice of candidates. They are left with no choice other than to choose the least evil of them. This in turn resulted in the … [Read more...]

When Could I use my Voter ID Card Rajasthan to Cast my Vote?

All of the citizens, who have been enthusiastic about exercising their franchise to Vote and elect their preferred candidate or party to rule the constituency, must have completed all the formalities required to register for the Voter ID Card Rajasthan. These formalities include the filling of Form No. 6 and related applications which would ensure new voter registration and also that the person gets his election card on time. Not only the citizens but the Election Commission too has been … [Read more...]

I Don’t Like the Candidates put up for my Constituency, Would There be an option of NOTA on my Voting Machine?

You are a legitimate voter if:- 1)  You have filled all the required election card forms for the Election Identity Card through Online or offline means. 2) Registered yourself into the voter list of your constituency. 3) Submitted all the required documents and got through the voter id verification by the Booth level officer. 4) Remained patient in order to let the concerned authorities assess your application. 5) Finally received your Election Card and checked your name in the electoral … [Read more...]