When Could I use my Voter ID Card Rajasthan to Cast my Vote?

All of the citizens, who have been enthusiastic about exercising their franchise to Vote and elect their preferred candidate or party to rule the constituency, must have completed all the formalities required to register for the Voter ID Card Rajasthan. These formalities include the filling of Form No. 6 and related applications which would ensure new voter registration and also that the person gets his election card on time.

Not only the citizens but the Election Commission too has been equally enthusiastic and determined to register as many as new voters as they could, by organizing camps for voter id card Rajasthan in the cities like Jaipur. These camps were a great success and many applications were received for new voter registration, inclusion of name in the voters’ list and for the correction of electoral details for the current voter id card details.

Other than new voter registration, the Commission is also making sure that things like bogus voting do not take place during the elections. For that the distribution of voter id cards Rajasthan and voter slips(Both of which act as legitimate photo identity proofs) is being carried out with full force, so that no eligible voter is left out and hence no opinion remains uncounted.

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When could I use my Voter ID Card in Rajasthan to cast my vote?

Now that all of the enthusiasts are waiting to cast their vote in the coming elections and hence feel the power of their name in the voter list and their voter id card in Rajasthan, the only question in their minds must be that, ‘When are the coming Assembly elections scheduled to take place?’ ┬áThe answer is, the ECI has already announced the dates for the scheduling of the Assembly elections for Five States including Rajasthan. The date for Rajasthan assembly elections is 1st November 2013.

So now that you know the schedule, you might as well start having some brain storming sessions so as to decide the candidate you are going to vote for. Since you have just one vote to cast, this brain storming is necessary if you want to make a decision that you would not regret later. The decision by the voters to choose a candidate without much thinking may put the fate of their state in jeopardy for next five years.

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WWhen could you cast a vote using your voter id card rajsthanhat if I do not want to vote for any of the candidates?

Does your analysis of the nominated candidates leads you to a conclusion that the nominated candidates are not worthy to be elected? The ECI has a solution for this dilemma too. These Assembly elections are special because of the fact that for the first time, voters would have the option of NOTA(None Of The Above) on their voting machines. If you think that the nominations of all the candidates was not democratic or not in the favor of the constituency, you have the right to reject all these candidates while opting for NOTA.

With these elections, all your efforts for the issuing of your Voter ID Card Rajasthan would be justified and this important document would be utilized for the purpose it was meant to serve. Your election card is your passport to the polling booth and hence it is your way of participation in this big revolution towards a changed nation. A nation that is not just free of corruption but also gives shelter to a better framework for clean and fair politics.

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