How to get your Voter ID card Bihar before the Elections?

With the Bihar election just within the view which is scheduled in September-October of this year, many of the new genuine and enthusiastic voters have buckled up to get themselves register in the voters list and get their voter id card Bihar, so that they can vote and bring change to their fate and state.

Voter ID card Bihar: A vote can change your life

We all know that every single vote counts. It will decide your as well as yours state fate. Bihar Election has recently been tagged as “Mother of all Elections” by Election Commission of India. This clearly means that the Bihar’s Election is of utmost important for all the Political parties to take over the government late this year and bring about the change that people of Bihar are looking for.

But just making up your mind to go for voting is not enough. You have to implement it too by helping all your family member, your relatives to get them registered (those who are 18 year and above and do not have registered themselves in voters list and get their voter id card Bihar) and also by casting your vote to the right political party to whom you think can bring changes to your State.

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This is how you can get your New Voter ID Card Bihar

Voter ID Card Bihar Education Series

There is an article which I had posted in past for your reference to know, who can be the ideal political party for governing the State and who really holds an upper edge before the elections. Please click here to read the article.

Your votes can really do wonders to the fate of your state. So it is very necessary to know the importance of this election and of your vote and cast your vote responsibly without falling in prey to false promises of greedy political parties who just want power.

Get your Voter ID card Bihar:

With still more than three months left before the start of Bihar Election, you have an ample of time to get yourself register and get your voter ID card Bihar. Voter ID Card not only helps you to cast your vote but it also acts as a valid document as a proof of your genuineness.

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As now you had understood the importance of Voter ID card and Bihar Election, you may be motivated to go for a change. But if you still have not sure of how to proceed  get your voter ID card Bihar before Elections, then this article with give you bird view of how to do it.

Basically there are two different method to apply for new registration and new voter ID Card. These 2 methods are:

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

In Online method you need to visit NVPS.in Form 6 Online. Fill all your details and upload relevant documents. Get a print out of the final acknowledgement paper generated.

In Offline method, first you need to download Form 6 from here or get it from Electoral Registration Office. Fill all the details carefully. Attach the relevant documents and submit it.


If you want to know more about the above process step by step in detail then please see this article.

 #NOTE: As you are done with the registration process either through online or offline mode, the officer will come at your place, usually your place of residence which you provided while applying just to verify all your information along with your documents attached with the application. All you need is to be there at that time when the officer visits you for the verification. Once he done with his work, he will provide you a date in which you need to come at the centre and to collect the Voter Card Bihar. Though it is a very long term process within 2 months, you will be able to collect your very easily and comfortably.

As the process take a long 2 month time, it is good to act now, get your voter ID card Bihar and help change the unfortunate scenario of Bihar.

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