Broom-The AAP Symbol Decoded

The victory of Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Admi Party in the recent Delhi elections has stunned many. The party’s agenda and goals have found great a connection with the common man of India.

One of the main but silent contributors to this victory was the party’s symbol; the broom. If the party’s intention was to start off on the right foot by choosing broom as their symbol, then they did very well for themselves.


Symbolic of Indian society

The broom is quite symbolic of Indian society. Just as it is made up of many sticks, so is the Indian society which is home to several faiths and ethnicity. Just like the single but strong thread that holds together all the sticks which make up the broom, the party is also seen as a unifying factor for Indians.

In India broom is associated mostly with the common man and is found in every house from rich to poor. This also indicates the intention of the AAP to associate with everyone, irrespective of social status, who wants honest and able administrators at the helm.

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More than just a symbol

It also denotes a “weapon” for cleaning a place having lot of filth and dirt. The symbol also shows the party’s goal to associate themselves with every Indian and Indian household.

The innocuous looking but effective broom certainly created a lot of buzz and at the same time impact too. This is reflected in the philosophy of the party of recruiting strong and committed people from all walks of life.

The magic wand

In just one go (or swipe as we may want to call it) the party took out all the corrupt and incapable administrators. It is easy to see how Indians can see this as a beginning of something special. They see this as a real opportunity to clean the Indian political system of all the rubbish and muck that is plaguing it.

AAP symbol decoded-arvind-kejriwal-decoded

The symbol, just like an actual broom, indicates the party’s intention to clean not just corruption, but all the other moral and ethical diseases that are ailing India.

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The common man of India wants a government that is not plagued with image and moral issues. In other words, a clean administration. Towing the same line of thought is AAP which intends to clean every nook and corner of Indian politics; without exception.

Here is the quote from AAP spokesperson Manish Sisodia that neatly sums up the party’s symbol, “Every Indian household cleans their house in the morning,” said Mr. Sisodia. “This Parliament and these assembly houses are also your houses. Select the broom to clean the houses.”

As for now it appears the broom has had quite a “sweeping” effect on Delhi’s politics. The choice of broom as the party symbol is pretty symbolic to say the least. People could instantly relate themselves with the symbol. Also, it is very easy to recall as one can come across it everyday. A smart choice indeed.

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