5 Factors To Consider Before You Vote For A Candidate

Year after year, we the voters have been taken for a ride by politicians who made false promises. But now thanks to the rise of parties like AAP, the common of India wants to choose only those who are best and can deliver their promises. It is no longer ready to get swayed by shallow words and commitments.

But how will they decide who fits this criteria? We give you a brief overview of the 5 factors to consider before you vote for a candidate.


consider these 5 factors before voting for a candidate

This is one of the biggest factors that find an echo with voter sentiment. The candidate must have a clear cut scheme or plan on how he/she plans to develop employment opportunities for the people who will vote for him.

Everybody wants to earn bread and butter for their family. Post the global recession, jobs in the market have thinned out. The candidate who can


consider these 5 factors before voting for a candidate

Another major issue that affects the voter’s decision making is development. The pain of driving through pothole filled roads is a nightmare most Indians face. Making it worse are the ever dysfunctional streetlights and unhygienic surroundings.

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In addition to infrastructure there are other factors too that comprise development. Year after year the situation remains the same. So next time you decide to vote for a candidate, you should consider the measures that the prospective candidate has to offer for various health related, safety related and transport related issues.

A candidate who can deliver development in its complete sense should top your list.


consider these 5 factors before voting for a candidate

The already rising cost of essential commodities is pinching the pocket of common man. Look at what all measures the candidate has in place or plans to implement once elected deal with this issue.

Consider what policies or schemes the candidate has in place to implement for tackling economy related issues. How does he/she plan to help businesses prosper and bring down the cost of essential commodities?

Experienced And Capable

The political past of the candidate will help you get a clear picture of the capability and conduct of the candidate. Any previous political experience must also be considered.

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It will showcase the true potential of the candidate. It also gives you an insight into his/her temperament to handle the issues that are facing the voting public.

Educated with proven track record

As mentioned earlier, shallow promises no longer holds water with today’s voters. The track record of candidates must be definitely considered if they are to be elected.

An educated politician has intelligence to think progressively and in the interest of his voters. Such a leader will always be in touch with changing times and adapt to meet the challenges.

Gone are the days of re-electing passive leaders who had neither any major educational qualifications nor any inclination towards progress of the common man. A smart and educated leader will have his/her pulse on the latest happenings.

What else do you think a prospective successful candidate should have to deserve your vote? Let us know.

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