Distribution of Election Card as per Electoral Roll

As per directive of the Election Commission of India, election cards must be quickly and properly distributed to voters. The voters in the electoral roll include existing voters as well as new voters for each constituency.

What is an Electoral List?

Each constituency has a Voters List where names of its respective valid Indian citizens (above the age of 18 years) are mentioned. This voter list is also called as Electoral Roll. As per law, the people whose names are mentioned in the electoral roll will have the authority to vote during elections. All electorate must also have an elections card or the electors’ photo identity card (EPIC) to cast vote during elections.

Voters List - India [Election Card]
This is what an Electoral Roll or Voters List looks like.
How Voter Cards Distributed?

Voter card approved by Election Commission of India is distributed among voters at regular intervals. Booth level officers for respective booths in each constituency are given the task to dole out the I-cards. Generally, the officers make door-to-door visit during a certain period as decided by the Election Commission to hand out the election cards.

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In many areas, software companies are roped in to help in the distribution process. These are generally e-governance companies which keep a track of the list of the voters, numbers who have received the election ID card and those who are yet to get them.

Voters are asked to visit the nearest booth with an identity proof, such as passport or ration cards to get their voter’s ID card. Those voters, who don’t have their names listed in the electoral roll, need to apply for the same. Often, a kiosk is opened at local election commission office where voters can seek information or collect the ID at their suitable time. Make sure you provide your passport-size photo to get the card.

Who is Responsible for distribution of Election Card?

Although the district administration is not wholly responsible for the distribution, it has a role in the said task. For instance, it ensures public awareness about the program and advises the voters to co-operate with the booth level officers when they meet them.

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The Election Commission of India is responsible for the entire distribution process, though many of the tasks are delegated to the respective departments. There are state level and district level offices that look into the distribution process.

For instance, the State Chief Electoral Officer looks into the availability of the Voter ID card and finally, announces the dates when the cards would be distributed to the electorate of the respective constituency.

Distribution of I-Cards to New Voters

Each year, hundreds of new voters are enlisted in the electoral roll. As per Election Commissioner, school principal and the senior teachers-in-charge would be responsible to take care of the new voters. They would act as nodal officers and provide registration forms to the new voters.

What to Do If You Don’t Get Voter Card

Once you get the voter ID card, you need to acknowledge for the same. However, in case you have not received your voter card although many of your neighbors have received it already, you should contact your nearest polling station, local Tahsildar, or Zonal Officer.

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You may be given voter’s slips with photos attached to it in case the I-card is yet to be ready for distribution and election is near at hand. The idea is to prevent false voting.

Till recently, election cards of nearly 100 percent of the electorate are being processed or have already been distributed. In case you have still not received the election card, contact your nearest booth station or local election officer.

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