Delhi Assembly Elections End, Exit Polls Arrive

Election Fiasco is finally over in Delhi, after several months of rallies, road shows, interviews, song spin-offs adapted candidate names, flyers, allegations and what not. This all really had been incorporated into the daily schedule of all the Delhi-ites and now that it is over, there would surely be a somewhat desertion of roads and the people may or may not miss it. Delhi is now finally back on track with no more traffic jams but still, there is still a bone left to pick. We still have to evaluate these Election. How did the voters of Delhi perform? We look at the voter turnout to evaluate that. How did AAP, BJP and Congress, say, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Ajay Maken perform? We look at the Delhi Assembly Elections exit polls 2015 which predict the possible number of seats that could be won by these parties, to evaluate their performance.

Voter Turnout in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

We evaluate the performance of the Delhi voters by the percentage of voters who headed out on 7th February 2015 to cast their votes. In the previous Delhi Assembly Election of 2013, the final voter turnout was ~66%, a number which in itself was record-breaking. This time too, as the time passed by and the data became clearer, it was evident that the previous record would be easily broken by the voters of Delhi. By 1 P.M., almost 35% of people had already cast their votes. This number went up exponentially to 55% by 3 P.M. It was clear that the enthusiasm amongst the Delhi voters was really high and it surely got translated into staggering voting percentages. By 5 P.M. itself, the 66% mark was reached.

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let us find out Delhi assembly elections exit polls

Voting was supposed to continue till 6 P.M. in the Delhi Assembly Elections and the Election Commission of India announced that any voter, provided he/she entered the polling booth before 6 P.M. would be allowed to exercise the right to vote. Hence, the final voter turnout for this election touched the 67% mark which clearly is a very good number.

Although the voter turnout for 2015 Delhi Assembly Elections may seem to be just one percentage point higher than the 2013 Election, but we should not forget that the number of voters is bound to have gone up in the course of 1 and a half month’s time. That means this time even 66% voter turnout by 5 P.M. meant that a fairly larger number of Delhi voters had cast their votes as compared to the previous Assembly Elections. We shall wait for the official data from Election Commission of India and CEO Delhi before we announce the absolute number of Delhi voters who cast their votes in the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015. The percentage of voters is already known to be standing at 67% this time.Now let us evaluate the performance of political parties like AAP, BJP and Congress by looking at the Delhi Assembly Elections Exit Polls conducted by various news channels and firms.

Now let us evaluate the performance of political parties like AAP, BJP, and Congress by looking at the Delhi Assembly Elections Exit Polls conducted by various news channels and firms.

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Delhi Assembly Elections Exit Polls 2015

We have already seen, in what numbers did the enthusiastic Delhi voters head out to cast their votes on 7th February 2015. Now let us see how did AAP, BJP, and Congress perform in terms of number of people exiting the polling stations and voting for each of these parties. For this reason, we have results from the Delhi Assembly Elections exit polls conducted by 7 New Channels. For starters, we can say that 5 out of the following 7 exit polls predict a clear majority for the Aam Aadmi Party. This means that if these polls are accurate, then 10th February could be seen announcing the arrival of Arvind Kejriwal as the new Chief Minister of Delhi. Let us now look at the number of seats predicted for the 3 major parties in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015.

News Nation Exit Poll

AAP- 41 to 45 seats

BJP- 23 to 27 seats

Congress- 1 to 3 seats

Others- 0 to 1 seats

India News Axis

AAP- 53 seats

BJP- 17 seats

Congress- 0 to 2 seats


AAP- 31 seats

BJP- 35 seats

Congress- 4 seats

ABP New Nielsen

AAP- 43

BJP- 26

Congress- 1

News 24 Today’s Chanakya

AAP- 48

BJP- 22

Congress- 0

India Today- Cicero

AAP- 38 to 46 seats

BJP- 19 to 27 seats

Congress- 3 to 5 seats

Others- 0 to 2 seats

India TV- CVoter

AAP- 35 to 43 seats

BJP- 25 to 33 seats

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Congress- 0 to 2 seats

Others- 0 to 2 seats

The Big Picture for Delhi Assembly Elections Exit Polls 2015

All in all, the big picture(of the Delhi Assembly Elections exit polls) shows that the chances of Aam Aadmi Party forming the Government in Delhi are quite high. Almost all the above-mentioned exit polls predict that the AAP would emerge as the largest party in Delhi and the feasibility of scoring a majority is also quite high. At an average, the exit polls predict that AAP would win as many as 43 seats, BJP is shown to be scoring 25 seats at an average and Congress seems to be heading for win in only 2 of the Constituencies at an average.

Nevertheless, these are just predictions based on specific sample sizes and hence, cannot be taken to be perfectly accurate. The real picture would only become clearer when the counting of votes for Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 is completed and that starts on 10th February 2015, which itself is just a 48 hours away. This means that the fate of the parties and the people of Delhi is already sealed but would only be clearly unraveled in 2 more days.

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CreditsImage Contains campaigning snapshots for AAP, BJP and Congress(taken from the parties’ Facebook pages)

DisclaimerThe opinion polls are completely credited to conducting news channels and hence accuracy of these is subject to the respective channel’s policy.



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