FAQs on Indian Election and Voter ID Card

There are various facts related to Indian Elections and its procedure that are unknown to many of us. This Article is dedicated to help you by providing as much information as possible on Indian Elections and its systems. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 1. Who holds the highest power in the government? According to article 53(1) of our Constitution, the highest power is enjoyed by the President of India. Being the first citizen of India, he holds all constitutional powers and uses it … [Read more...]

What are the Terms of Houses of Parliament in India

In this Article, we will cover the basic aspects of Indian Parliament, its different houses and terms of houses. So carefully read this article and enhance your knowledge about different houses of Indian Parliament. The Indian Parliament, representing as it does all politically organized shades of public opinion at the national level, holds significantly top and vital position in our nation's whole constitutional structure. Over the years, Indian Parliament has created for itself a very unique … [Read more...]