Election Commission of India – Different Types of Elections

The Election Commission of India is constitutionally established as an Indian autonomous federal authority. The main responsibility of the Election Commission of India is the conduction and supervising of all the electoral processes, maintaining the principles and rules ensuring free and fair election polling. The Chief Election Commissioner who heads the Election Commission of India is appointed by the President of India. To read more about the Election Commission, click … [Read more...]

Bihar Election News: Lalu Prasad’s Children Ready for Elections?

Seems like it’s the right time for the next generation to take over and lead the family political legacy. Lalu Prasad Yadav himself led his party single handedly continuously for 19 years, but now he thinks it is the time for their children to take over. Providing the way for the next Gen., he gave some hints about his children’s contesting this upcoming Bihar Assembly Election at his party's foundation day in Patna on 5th July. Upon asking the question whether 3 of his children would contest … [Read more...]

FAQs on Indian Election and Voter ID Card

There are various facts related to Indian Elections and its procedure that are unknown to many of us. This Article is dedicated to help you by providing as much information as possible on Indian Elections and its systems. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 1. Who holds the highest power in the government? According to article 53(1) of our Constitution, the highest power is enjoyed by the President of India. Being the first citizen of India, he holds all constitutional powers and uses it … [Read more...]

List of Candidates Contesting Lok Sabha 2014 Elections

List of Candidates from BJP, Congress and AAP for Lok Sabha 2014 Elections Every political party is coming up with a series of lists announcing their candidates from different constituencies for the Lok Sabha 2014 Elections. The election fever is catching up with high momentum. The selection and nomination of the candidates makes the real difference in determination of results for the elections and not the hype about the party and its agenda. The fact that each individual candidate may have a … [Read more...]