FAQs on Indian Election and Voter ID Card

There are various facts related to Indian Elections and its procedure that are unknown to many of us. This Article is dedicated to help you by providing as much information as possible on Indian Elections and its systems. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 1. Who holds the highest power in the government? According to article 53(1) of our Constitution, the highest power is enjoyed by the President of India. Being the first citizen of India, he holds all constitutional powers and uses it … [Read more...]

How is the Voting Card in India Different from Aadhar Card?

In the modern day India, two pieces of identity documents possessed by the citizens are changing the way administration is carried out. One is the voting card and the other is the newly launched Aadhar card. So what are the differences between these two documents? What different functions do they perform? And what are the difference in methods used to obtain these identity cards? These are the questions we try to answer in this informative and guiding article. Read on to enlighten yourself about … [Read more...]

How to Apply for Voting Card and Check Status on CEO Andhra?

Andhra Pradesh is the 8th largest state of India with a population of around 5 crore. Home to the historical landmark called Char Minar and to a very popular Telugu film industry, Andhra is a culturally and historically significant part of India. Located on the south-eastern coast, this state has a fair share of electoral and political importance. Knowing this, we shall guide you about the intricate details and steps for applying for Voting Card and checking the application status for the same … [Read more...]

A List of Things to do While Waiting for your Voting Card

The polling booths do not discriminate on the basis of financial status, class or gender. Neither does the Voting Card. Hence the whole electoral process provides for an inspiration model for the whole system of our nation. This is the reason for the success of our democracy. No matter whether the citizen is rich or not, he/she could still be possessing a Voter ID and a poor citizen also has a right to vote as much prominent as that of a rich citizen. This fact that any one could and each vote … [Read more...]

Use Online Voting Card Registration Process to modify EPIC

Today, Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is essential to cast vote in India. As per the directives of the Election Commission of India (ECI), voters have been given voting card that includes their age, address, name, and photo. However, have you got the identity card with all information properly given without even a typo error? If you are one from the list, you can easily modify your EPIC card through online voter ID registration process. Although, the new voters can register for the … [Read more...]