Use Online Voting Card Registration Process to modify EPIC

Today, Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is essential to cast vote in India. As per the directives of the Election Commission of India (ECI), voters have been given voting card that includes their age, address, name, and photo. However, have you got the identity card with all information properly given without even a typo error?

Voting Card modification in Epic for Changes

If you are one from the list, you can easily modify your EPIC card through online voter ID registration process. Although, the new voters can register for the election card, yet existing voters can also do the same so that their voter card is free from errors.

Why Voting Card Requires Changing?

There can be a number of reasons why voter cards need to be modified. For instance:

  • There might be a spelling error in the card itself
  • There might be a change the address as you can change your residence
  • You might change your name – especially if you are a woman and have got married
  • Married women can mention their husband’s name in the required slot
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…In such cases, you need to change your voter ID card. Once you change your electoral card, the change will be reflected in the electoral roll as well.

Modifying Voting card

Consider you are applying from Andhra Pradesh. You need to go through the online voter ID registration AP where you should:

  • Access CEO website of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Click Form 8 under the Online Forms section.
  • Fill in the form completely.
  • Upload your address proof and birth certificate or age proof documents
  • Click the submit button when done

Details of Form 8

Those who are keen to modify their voter card or update their name in the voter list must access Form 8. This form is available when you go for online voter ID registration. It contains the following slots where you have fill in the correct data:

  • Applicant’s details – It includes the name and surname of the applicant. The father’s name or husband name must be given as well. Age and date of birth must be given as well.
  • Serial number and Part Number of the electoral roll – It is important to specify the serial number of the Part in the electoral roll as well as the Part Number of your constituency. These details are available at the local election office or you must have noted them down during the earlier polls.
  • Details of the place of residence – It includes a detailed mention of the address. Post office and nearest Police Station, District, etc must be clearly mentioned.
  • Details of the Photo Identity card – It includes name of the constituency that the EPIC card is registered and EPIC number. If you are in Andhra Pradesh, you must provide details of the constituency in the state and access the Andhra Pradesh CEO website for online voter ID registration in AP.
  • Details of the Modification – It includes identifying the data which you want to be modified – this given by a small tick. You must also mention the correct data.
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ERO’s Reply to the Applicant

You can check the online voter ID registration status. You will be able to find out when the changes have been implemented and when you need to collect the new voter ID card. However, the Election Registration Officer (ERO) will also submit a reply for this application. He or she will mention…

  • Credentials of the Applicant, such as name and address of the applicant
  • Reply on the application – where the part number, serial number, and name has been accepted or not

…And, this reply is posted to the applicant. In the meantime, online voter ID registration status link can be accessed in the CEO website, ‘Know your status’ to find out if you have received the reply and new EPIC or not.

Voter ID card is a valuable identity card which allows multiple of benefits. Make sure you keep it updated by accessing the online voter ID registration link to use it legally in India.

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  1. I have applied three times through the local BLO but till date I could not get my vity card.entoter id

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