CEO Telangana – How to apply for Voter ID Telangana?

Your complete guide to CEO Telagana contact details and voter ID card queries. Get access to CEO Telangana forms and other important Voter ID information. The recent bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into 2 different states has been one of the most politically and geographically important transformations of India. Telangana is now a separate state and hence it now calls for establishment of state specific administrations. Andhra Pradesh has always been a politically active location. Hence, it is … [Read more...]

Detailed Guide To CEO Andhra

Andhra Pradesh is the 8th largest state of India with a population of around 5 crore. Home to the historical landmark called Char Minar and to a very popular Telugu film industry, Andhra is a culturally and historically significant part of India. Located on the south-eastern coast, this state has a fair share of electoral and political importance. Voting plays a major role in the formation of our democratic government. People of India elect a government of their choice by voting every five … [Read more...]

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Andhra Pradesh recently witnessed some major geographical and political transformations in the face of the separation of Telangana as a different state from AP. Apart from this major change in the social landscape of the state, the democratic politics of Andhra Pradesh has always seen the active participation of the citizens. Huge voter turn-outs and election of worthy candidates have only proven this fact well. So a year-round schedule of by-elections, assembly elections, general elections, … [Read more...]

What Changes Can I Make In My Election Card Through CEO Andhra?

Voting plays a major role in the formation of our democratic government. People of India elect a government of their choice by voting every five years. It is done by way of ballot and hence a lot of mal practices occur. In order to avoid malpractices, a committee was set up and now the CEO that is the Chief Election Officer leads the Committee. They came up with the concept of Voter ID Card; also known as The Election Card where by each person has to carry their voter id card to the election … [Read more...]

How to Apply on CEO Andhra Website for new Voter ID Card?

Andhra Pradesh has always been a vast and culturally prosperous state of India. Recently Telangana was carved out as a separate of state owing to a situation of better administration by the previous UPA government. Voters in Andhra Pradesh are always enthusiastic about the idea of electing representatives and therefore the Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh and his office is committed towards their betterment and keep on taking steps to ensure smooth registration of voters in large … [Read more...]

Everything You Wanted To Know About CEO Andhra

The office of Andhra’s Chief Electoral Officer handles all the various election related activities within the state of Andhra Pradesh. It works directly under the watchful eyes of the Election Commission of India. The CEO Andhra also looks over the conduct of bye-elections as well as general elections in the state. The state has 4 regions with huge 66,964 polling booths and 294 constituencies. In addition to this, it is also involved in various activities like implementing election code of … [Read more...]