How to Apply on CEO Andhra Website for new Voter ID Card?

Andhra Pradesh has always been a vast and culturally prosperous state of India. Recently Telangana was carved out as a separate of state owing to a situation of better administration by the previous UPA government. Voters in Andhra Pradesh are always enthusiastic about the idea of electing representatives and therefore the Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh and his office is committed towards their betterment and keep on taking steps to ensure smooth registration of voters in large number. The current CEO Andhra Pradesh is Mr. Bhanwar Lal.

Who is CEO Andhra?

The Chief Election Officer of Andhra Pradesh is an election official who works under the supervision and surveillance of the Election Commission of India. His office works to ensure a proper run of elections, issuance of proper voter id cards in Andhra, education of the voters and many more tasks that help in keeping up the spirit of elections. Therefore the CEO Andhra is like a vigilante who looks to eliminate any element that tries to malign the proper run of the elections.

Education and proper registration of Andhra voters are the two key tasks that the CEO and his team performs.This is in conformity with the cherished goal of the Election Commission of India viz. achieving highest possible voter turn out during the elections.

To ensure high voter turn outs, facilities like CEO Andhra Pradesh Official website, E-Seva and Mee-Seva Centers have been developed. All these institutions ensure tremendous convenience for the Andhra citizens who want to be registered voters. For example, if a voter applies for inclusion of name in the electoral roll, on the ceo Andhra website or at the Mee-Seva kendra, then he would be able to receive a voter card and inclusion of name within approximately 30 days. Such swiftness is not achieved when a citizen uses other means to apply for a voter id card in Andhra Pradesh.

How to Approach CEO Andhra and his Team?

The CEO Andhra’s office address is at H-Block, south wing of GA Elections Dept. in AP Secretriate, Hyderabad. Moreover, the current functioning of his office is implemented in such a way that in most of the cases, the voters in Andhra Pradesh can get a solution for all their queries at the comfort of their homes.

Still if the voters are left dis-satisfied in finding a solution to their queries, they can very well call the helpline numbers of CEO Andhra Pradesh. These telephone numbers have been made live only for the sake of convenience of voters who might face problems while registering for their Voter ID Card in Andhra or during the vote casting process. You can call the CEO Andhra call center any time of the day to find a solution to your query regarding the electoral process/elections. The number you need to call for the same purpose is 1950.

The other members of the CEO Andhra team include Addtional CEOs(Mr. Anoop Singh and Sri. V Venkateshwara Rao), Deputy CEO, OSD and Assistant CEO. You can find the contact details of all these officials on ceoandhra.nic.in by clicking on the contact us tab. So whenever you think that your election query is not being solved at the grass root level, you can very well call the provided help line number. And if even that does not work, you can contact the higher officials if the query is urgent enough.

Ceoandhra.nic.in and CEO Andhra E-Registration

CEO Andhra Pradesh online is the answer to all the voter queries. Voters can visit the election commission of AP Official website and perform a host of tasks relating to the voting card and voter registration process. The official web address is www.CeoAndhra.nic.in

So no matter if you are a new voter or want to become one, this website surely has something for every one. Aspiring Voters could take advantage of CEO Andhra e-registration and fill the the Form 6 online in order to get voter id card in Andhra Pradesh. NRIs too could register themselves as voters by filling the Form 6A  online on the same website, using the e-registration facility.

Existing voters are also catered to, as far as CEO Andhra e-registration is considered. These voters can get a corrected voter id card if they have mistakes in the existing one, by filling the Form 8 online. Also, if any Andhra Voter has shifted to another address within the same constituency, he/she could get a transposition of entry and get the address on the voter card updated, by filling the Form 8A on the ceoandhra.nic.in

Matters relating to CEO Andhra voter list 2014 are also taken care of, if the voter explores the e-registration tab carefully. For example, Andhra voters can object to any entry into the voter list if they think its inclusion is not justified. This can be done by using the CEO Andhra e-registration facility to fill the Form 7 online.

Andhra Pradesh voters can also access PDF files of the CEO Andhra voter list 2014 on their official website. This would help the voter to make sure his name has been included properly and without any spelling or factual errors. If this is not the case then the voter could very well apply for a corrected entry by filling the above mentioned form 8 through e-registration.

Once you have filled any of the above mentioned e-registration applications except the form 6a, you can also check the application status by using the same facility on the website. We shall ellaborate upon the steps for the same, as we proceed with this article about an insight to CEO Andhra Pradesh.

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 How to get Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh?

Having told you about the CEO Andhra e-registration facilities, we now begin with an easy guide about ‘how to get voter id card in AP?’ For the sake of brevity we are going to lay steps only for the new registration that is done online on ceoandhra.nic.in

For a detailed guide about getting voter id card through different means and methods of application you can refer to the following article: – How to apply for Voter ID Card?

To proceed with new voter registration on CEO Andhra and be entitled to a voter id card, you would have to type in the following address in the address bar of your browser, www.ceoandhra.nic.in

Once you reach the homepage, it would look like the image below. Step one is to click the e-registration button on the homepage.

Step Number 1 for CEO Andhra new registration for voter id card

Once you click or bring your cursor on the e-registration tab, all the options shall be revealed. These options include: –

  • Help
  • Form 6
  • Form 7
  • Form 8
  • Form 8A
  • Form 6A
  • Know Your Status

To register as a new voter and get a voter id card in Andhra Pradesh, you must click the Form-6(New Enrollment). This form is to be filled by every voter who wishes to get his/her name included in the CEO Andhra voter list 2014 and get a voting card issued. All the Andhra voters who wish to cast their votes in the coming Andhra Pradesh ap legislative assembly elections, must fill the form-6 on timely basis.


to get voter id card in Andhra Pradesh, you must click e-registration form-6


Clicking the Form-6 button under e-registration would take you to the online version of the form on the CEO Andhra website. You would have to fill in all the details that are asked and also upload a clear passport size photograph of yourself i.e the applicant. Since this photograph would then be place on your voter id card Andhra therefore, you must make sure that the uploaded picture is clear and the applicant is clearly recognizable in the same. When you have filled in all the details, just click ‘translate’. What would it do? Clicking translate would automatically translate your: –

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Father/Mother/Husband’s Name
  • Father/Mother/Husband’s Surname

Into Telugu language. This is because these details need to be in two languages on your voter ID card in Andhra Pradesh. The image you upload should be of 240X320 dimension and not more than 100 KB in size. If you think the Telugu translation is not correct, then you can correct it by adjusting the English spelling of your and family relation’s name. You need to be very careful while entering all these details because these will appear on your voter id card.

To apply for anew registration on CEO Andhra Website follow these steps

Once you are satisfied with all the details you have entered, the photograph you have uploaded and the translations of the names, the in the final step, you just have to click the submit button next to ‘translate‘ at the bottom of the online form-6 on the CEO Andhra e-registration. On clicking submit, a unique voter id card application id would be generated. You must note down and retain this unique id for future reference. It would also be required for checking the voter id card application status on ceoandhra.nic.in

 How to Check CEO Andhra Pradesh Voter ID Card Application Status?

Once you have applied for a new voter id card in Andhra Pradesh, there would arise a stage where you would have to check the status of your application. That status would enlighten you about whether your request for the inclusion of name to the Andhra Pradesh Voter List 2014 has been accepted or rejected for any reason like incomplete details. Therefore it is important to check the CEO Andhra Pradesh application status to ensure that you do not require to submit a fresh application for online registration.


Log on to ceoandhra.nic.in(Refer to the Step 1 image in the previous section)


Click on ‘e-registration’ on the homepage(Step 2 image in the previous section)

Step 3

Click on the last option i.e. ‘Know your Status

Step 4

You would be re-directed to the CEO Andhra Status check page that looks like: –

how to check voter id card application status on CEO Andhra Pradesh website


As you can see, you have to first select one of the two options: –

  • Application ID
  • House Number

If you have the unique application id that was generated after you clicked the submit button while applying for new voter ID card on CEO Andhra Pradesh e-registration facility then you can use the same id to check your application status. Otherwise you can use your house address as a means to check the status.

Once you enter one of the two above mentioned entries, you would redirected to your voter id card application status page after selecting the form number that you filled, from the following options: –

  • Form 6
  • Form 7
  • Form 8
  • Form 8A

Once you have selected the form and entered your application id, you would be able to see a status box like the image below(Source- CEO Andhra website): –

ceo andhra status check step 5.5Simply click the ‘View Status’ option and you would be able to know your CEO Andhra Voter ID Card application status. The format of the view status page would be identical to the image below: –

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how to check status on CEO Andhra Pradesh website


As you can see in the image above, the status of the application of the given person is shown as ‘Application is Under Verification’. This means that the officials are reviewing his application and it has not been rejected. Had the voter’s application been rejected by the CEO Andhra officials then the application status of the same person would have been different along with the mentioned remarks. This application status enlightens the voter about the stage of his/her CEO Andhra Pradesh voter id card request and also warns them in case of an incomplete or rejected application for registration.

Therefore it is very important to stay updated with your voter application status so that you get ample time for trouble shooting if it is required hence helping the ensure a smooth and lesser time consuming registration process in Andhra Pradesh. For the voters from other status, they can also check their voter id application status in a similar way on the CEO website of their respective states.

How to Check Name in CEO Andhra Voter List 2014 after Registration is Complete?

There are several ways with which you can verify and check your name in the CEO Andhra Voter List 2014. You can visit the local ERO Office i.e the Electoral Roll Officer and ask for the latest revised electoral roll of your constituency. But wouldn’t this be a very tedious task for you and for the officials too? Therefore here too the CEO website would be of much use, if you want to perform a quick search of your name in the Andhra Pradesh Electoral Rolls.

On ceoandhra.nic.in, you can not only access the PDF Electoral rolls directly from your household but also perform a very quick custom search for your name in the CEO Andhra Voter list, by entering the required details. So here is a quick mini guide about how to verify your name in the voters list of your constituency in AP.

Since we have already mentioned the steps through which you can access the official CEO Andhra website and how to apply for voter id card using the CEO Andhra Form 6 online, the following steps are meant for you only if you have registered yourself as a voter in Andhra, only then would you be able to check your name in the electoral roll.

How to Access the Revised PDF Rolls in Andhra Pradesh Online?

Visit ceoandhra.nic.in and on the homepage, click ‘PDF Electoral Roll’ tab that lies left to the CEO e-registration tab.

How to access PDF file of CEO Andhra voter list 2014


Next, you would be re-directed to a search page where you have to select your Andhra Pradesh district and the corresponding assembly constituency from the drop-down list on the CEO Andhra voter list 2014 access request page. Also there are some notes provided on the landing page, they are very important points that you need to carefully read.

How to access PDF file of CEO Andhra voter list 2014


After selecting both the district and AC, you have to click on ‘Get Polling Stations’. Once you click it, you would be presented a list of all the Polling Stations in the selected AC of Andhra Pradesh, along with each of their names and locations. There would be the following 4 columns on the page: –

  • Polling Station Name.
  • Polling Station Location.
  • Telugu(This means the Telugu version of voter list for a given polling station).
  • English(English Voter List 2014 for a given polling station).

How to access PDF file of CEO Andhra voter list 2014The above image is a sample of 5 polling stations in a randomly chosen District and AC of Andhra Pradesh taken from the CEO Website. Once you click view under Telugu, you would be able to access the Telugu list of names eligible to vote at the given polling booth. Same way, clicking view under English column would present to you the English written CEO Andhra Voter List 2014 for that given polling station. You can check your’s and your family member’s name and verify their inclusion after accessing these PDF Electoral Rolls.

The Alternate way to Verify name in CEO Andhra Pradesh  Voter List 2014

If you find that the above method for checking name in CEO Andhra Voter list 2014 a bit tedious then here is a simpler method to check the same. On the ceoandhra.nic.in main page, there is another tab that says ‘Check Your Name‘. This tab lies to the right of ‘E-Registration’. You can click that option  and you would be taken to a page where you have type in or select some details like: –

  • Name on CEO Andhra Voter ID Card.
  • CEO Andhra Voter ID Card Number.
  • House Number.
  • Andhra District Name.
  • Assembly Constituency Name.

Once you provide all these details, the servers of the CEO Andhra website would look up the voter lists 2014 and automatically search your name in them. This would hence take much lesser time than the previous method of checking name in the CEO Andhra PDF Electoral Rolls.

What is the CEO Website of Telangana?

As you know, earlier this year, Telangana was separated as a different state from Andhra Pradesh. Since they are now two distinct states the both must have different authorities to govern the elections and the voters. Therefore very soon a CEO Telangana website would be published. Currently such a website is under construction therefore voters would need to use other means like visiting the local ERO Office in Telangana to solve their election and voter id card registration related queries in Telangana. Moreover since this is a very recent separation therefore most of the voter records like applications and voter lists of Telangana are still stored in the records of CEO Andhra Pradesh therefore ceoandhra.nic.in could still be used by Telangana voters to get some help related to such matters.

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Who is the CEO of Telangana? Is he the Same as CEO Andhra Pradesh?

Till now there has been no announcement about appointment of a separate CEO for Telangana, for that reason, it was none other than Mr. Bhanwar Lal who is the Chief Electoral Officer for Andhra Pradesh who conducted the recent assembly elections in Telangana. Hence it is safe to say that for now the CEO Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is the same person until fresh announcements are made by the government or the Election Commission of India

Fastest Way to Get Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh

If you elections are soon going to take place and you are still not registered as a voter in Andhra Pradesh then you must look for a way to include your name in the Electoral Roll just before the election day approaches. This would then ensure that you cast your vote and participate in the democracy just like any concerned and lawful citizen would. Therefore, here is the fastest way to become a registered voter id Andhra Pradesh.

Please note that Online CEO Andhra voter id card registration would be your best shot to become a registered voter in the lowest possible time as it takes about 30 days for the registration process to conclude(provided all your documents, photos and details are complete and correct). Otherwise the offline method of applying for a voter id card in Andhra Pradesh would take much more time. In the offline method to apply for voter registration in Andhra Pradesh, you need to procure the paper CEO Andhra Form 6 from the local ERO Office then fill it by hand and deliver it in person or by post to the same ERO’s office address. You also need to attach the verification documents required to apply for an election card with the filled form. After the submission, it usually takes a couple of months before the BLO finally visits your residence to verify your identity whereas if you apply through the CEO Andhra e-registration facility the same procedure would take about 30 days(approx).

how to get voter id card andhra pradesh from mee-seva centers
www.VoterIDCard.org.in Image Courtesy- ap.meeseva.gov.in

Another super fast way to become a registered voter in Andhra is to apply through the modern Mee-Seva or E-Seva Centers. These are computer powered voter facilitation centers in Andhra Pradesh that seek to fast track the whole process of voter registration. You just have to visit one of the Mee-Seva center in your Assembly Constituency with the complete verification documents. The officials present at these centers would enable electronic registration of your name to the CEO Andhra Voter List 2014 and you would also be issued an electronic version of your electors photo identity card within very less time. These voter help centers are an extension of the government’s initiative of making the idea of e-governance more widespread. Moreover, it offers tremendous convenience for the citizens and provide a host of other govt. services for them. For more and detailed information about the Mee-Seva Centers you can visit the official portal. In the context of Telangana separation, this Mee-Seva official portal now has two versions. One is the Telangana Mee-Seva Portal: –  http://tg.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/LoginForm.aspx

The other one being the Mee-Seva Portal for Andhra Pradesh: – http://ap.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/LoginForm.aspx

Here is the PDF File that lists all these Centers in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana: – http://ceoandhra.nic.in/E_Seva_Centres/Mee%20Seva%20Centers%20of%20AP%20updated%2015.05.2013.pdf

The Mee-Seva centers also provide help relating to payment of bills, electronic funds transfer, issue of driving license, issue of Aadhar Card Andhra Prandesh and Telangana and many more such govt. services.

Accessing the List of Candidates Selected from Andhra Pradesh During Different Elections

The whole point of election is to elect valuable and apt candidates who would run this democracy with a tenure of efficiency and honesty. Therefore it is very important to stay updated with the list of candidates elected in your state at different positions and through different type of elections in Andhra Pradesh. Thus you can use the CEO Andhra Pradesh official website to not only access the names of elected candidates but also procure important information about the contesting candidates during the election period. This information includes the candidates’ educational, criminal and financial background which they themself submit in the form of affidavits.

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A Complete Insight to CEO Andhra Pradesh.

Check CEO Andhra Voter ID Card Status Online.

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Search Your Name in the CEO Andhra Pradesh Voter List 2014.

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