How to Check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019?

After applying Voter ID Card or a duplicate Voter ID Card, checking the status of our application is very important as it enables us to know where our application is and thus we can assess when the verification process will take place. There are many ways to check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019. Some are offline and some are Online methods. In this article, we bring out some easiest Online methods to check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019.

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How to Check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019?

Voter ID Card Status Online 2019 can be checked by the following ways

  1. Through SMS
  2. Through the State Election Commission’s website
  3. Through NVSP Portal
  4. Through a Helpline Number

Let us see in detail each of the above methods.

Voter ID Card Status Online 2019 – Through SMS

This is the easiest way to know Voter ID Card Status Online 2019. All that needed is to send an SMS to a number and you will know the status through SMS.

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Step-1 : Simply type  EPIC <space> Your Voter ID Application Number

Step-2: Send it to the number 9211728082

Voter ID Card Status Online 2019 – Through State Election Commission’s Website

Each State has its own Election Commission and its own Website to provide better services ease. To go to the link for State Election Commission’s websites, Click here.

Or for a faster method – Visit NVSP portal and Check Status Here

If you go to the website of the Election Commission of your State and there you can check the status of your application if it belongs to that particular State.

Finding the link for checking the status may be somewhat hard so better type ‘status’ in the search box provided in the website and you will get a relevant link.

Follow it and check the status of the Voter ID Card Status

Voter ID Card Status Online 2019 – Through Helpline Numbers

You can also know the Voter ID Card Status Online 2019 by contacting the customer care of their respective State Election Commission and know the Voter ID Status.

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To know the website, check Election Commission of India’s website directly clicking this link.

After opening the State Election Commission’s website, click on Contact us and scroll down for toll-free numbers. Call that numbers and you may be asked to provide the application number or tracking ID. Provide the necessary details and you can know the Voter ID Card Status Online 2019.

Voter ID Card Status Online 2019 – Voter ID Status through NVSP Portal

National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP) is a one-stop website for various services relating to the Electoral Process created by Election Commission of India. Using the portal, one can avail many services such as Registering for New Voter ID Card, Check Voter ID Status, Making Changes to Existing Voter ID Cards etc.

Click here to go to NVSP

  • After opening the website, Check for the link and click on ‘Correction of Entries in Electoral Roll’.
  • A new page with various forms will be opened.
  • A link to Track Application Status will appear on the top of the page. Click on the link and enter your reference ID to track the status.
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Thus you can check the Voter ID Card Status online 2019 by any of the above methods.

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  1. please let me know the electoral roles where I have to caste my vote, poling station, address, constituency name etc.
    identity card No. FYY3029584
    Now I am assigned election duty. Hence, I wish to fill the particulars in the format for postal ballot.

  2. worest manegement in idian elaction comisson they are cometed sum political parties.in indan contution it is inuduwal .so they are bheved to pupeol in dected type. what are giveng right to indian elaction comisson.pupeol put vote balete or elactranic misson. it is selactin pupeol right. on this issue elaction comisson is acting over action.

  3. I have applied for Voter ID for my self (PBV Ramana, KV Jayalakshmi and PB Janaki) from the address 4-1902/3 Durganagar colony, Chittoor 517501. Ref: EFP 221211694, F665569078807, F6 18923951582 and EBD 770749193. After expressing through grievance , Local MRO people called me.
    But so far myself, my wife and my mother have not been issued
    any Voter ID.

  4. dear sir,
    I am v.suresh. I’m applying voter id card thought a form6 and i got reference no OKT574746954.and I’m check voter id status, the total process successfully completed but I can’t receive voter card.

  5. In most of mee-seva centres in andhra pradesh, especially in Visakhapatnam, new voter Identity cards are not issuing due to lack of logo(emblem); i.e., hologram. Some Centres Managers are telling that they are not having lamination machines or no printers or printers not working. The AP Government is also not taking any steps to improve it. Please instruct to all the District Collectors to take necessary steps for issuing new Voter Id cards. Further I wish to tell you, in one house, if there are two or three voters, only one name can be identified in the list. Other names are deleted or with old address only. Kindly look into this matter Sir! M V Narasimha Murty, Senior Journalist.



  8. Dear Sir,
    My name Amit Kumar s/o-shri Dinesh kumar i am applying online change of correction in my oter Id card i get a rerence no. but i seein th side this reference no are data not found reference no is OWS673558551

  9. 014cc5df025285d74 this my reference ID for new applicant of voter id. i have been applied in April 17 but still i did not get my voter id. pls check and confirm status..every day i’m checking status with NVSP but its showing as your application is under process since 6 month.

  10. Dear team i Nirbhay Raman lal Barot i submit all require documents at authorize government at Himmatnagar sabarkantha gujrat 383001 for my voter id card transfer to author city to himmatnagar also we submit all documents for my wife Nilam Nirbhay Barot i request to you please send my and my wife voter id card as far as possible because without voter id card we are not able for voting
    My Ref.No is- SO6/FORM6/027/0149/2017C/00379

  11. We have applied for change of adress for me and my wife when we will get new id

    our application no 9050327 and 9050326

  12. my voter id application is submitted to thalisdhar office but did not give the voter id i applied in 2 weeks before only but now also i cannot got the voter id so please give me the voter id

    • I applied for changing my name by filled up form No. 8 and submitted on 23-11-2017 and given/ provide ID No. OJC332106746 and after checking status referred/ showed that submitted on 23-11-2017 and then …………BLO………..Field verification…………Accepted/Rejected but my question when I will receive my corrected Voter ID Card ? and corrected in my concerned voterlist, please inform me by my contact No. 9402022022/9678142992.

  13. sir mai basant kumar mehta maine voter id card apply kiya tha bhuhut din ho gaya abhi tak nahi bana

  14. Dier sir my voterid no isDNP2166080pliescarect my father name.my fathet name is lalchand.i am filling form 8.we have no voter id card

  15. Sir my votar ud is not coming id nomber UKV1103357 new address sanjay hardware no. 9B venkatachala mudali street park town chennai 600003

  16. Hi, I applied for my voter id correction update of my address on 24november 2016 on nvsp site and after updating details i receive the reference id 15b9184547e908ec. Thus i track several times butnot getting any update result. Kindly Help me by letting me know the status of my voter id correction that by what time i will receive it.

  17. apply for voter id
    i beg to say something today is my voter card not give why
    so give me voter card
    my voter id n.014b2516d2bbf2d1

  18. I have requested for name and address change in the voter id in on 29th sept, 2016. when I see the status online it is still application under review. can you please let me know how much time it will take to process the voter id.

  19. Sir, I made some corrections in my voter id card using online services but I lost my voter id application number. Can you help me out on this issue ?

  20. Sir my new application submit 16/04/2016 so please my I’d card status and no reply sir

  21. I was applied voter card for my son on 7/3/2016. He was completed 18 years. Still I will not get voter ID and status also. please help me. I am also SMS EPIC – 9211728082. My son Name is P.Sanjit

  22. madurai( dt)TAMILNADU

    A13 4540257
    A13 4540258
    A13 4540259

    we are expecting our voter id card,when we have received.please give me reply

  23. hi my name is madhu.c i have updated some details for my address chang in voter id 3months back and now i am trying to check the status of it but i dont know how

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