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India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world with 29 states. Each state has a state assembly election which is held after every 5 years by the state’s electorate. Citizens of India who have attained 18 years of age can vote during an assembly election for their state, provided they have a valid voter ID card and their names are listed in the voter list.

Every five years General Elections are held for the Lok Sabha where the electorates vote for their representatives throughout India. In all these elections, whether General Elections or Assembly elections, the state’s Chief Electoral  Office oversees the elections that take place in Andhra Pradesh.

CEO Andhra Website

The CEO Andhra monitors the work relating to the conduct of General Elections and Bye-Elections to the House of People from Andhra Pradesh, A.P. Legislative Assembly and A.P. Legislative Council. This includes preparation and updating the Electoral Rolls, Issue of Photo Identity Cards to Electors, rationalization/re-organization of Polling Stations, voters’ education, and implementation of Model Code of Conduct, the Election Laws and the instructions issued by the Election Commission of India from time to time.

There is a lot of information available on the website, you simply have to visit the link. CEOAndhra.nic.in

The website covers various headings such as:

Voter ID card- Although there is a brick-n-mortar office of the CEO AP to look into issues related to Andhra Voter List and Andhra Pradesh Voter Card e-registration, the Andhra Pradesh CEO maintains a website where the voters can easily login with their dedicated username and password to apply for their new voter ID card or make changes in the voter list

CEO Andhra e registration – When you visit the AP CEO’s website, you will find an e-registration link which leads the new users to login and register for a voter card. Once on the page, the new voter can register for the voter ID online by filling in Form 6 and providing some credentials to validate the information given in the form The CEO delegates this job to the Block Level Officer, who verifies the form and the card. The voter can expect to get the voter ID card within two months.

CEO Andhra application status – The CEO will oversee work to ensure voter cards are given to the applicants after verification and the status is updated in the website. By clicking on the ‘Know your Status’ you can find out if your application has been accepted and voter ID is on its way to you.

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What is CEO Andhra, how to get voter Id card in Andhra, the separation of Telangana and latest Election News

What Is The Use Of A Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh?

Voter ID card is essential to cast vote today. It is also important to have the election card to:

  • Register your name in the Andhra Pradesh voters’ list if you change your residence in India
  • Include your name in the electoral roll if you’ve got married and changed your surname and place of residence.
  • Buy tickets online, such as railway tickets for AC and non-AC classes. It is also essential to have a photo identity card to buy Tatkal tickets.
  • Get passports or other identity cards. The election card acts as a proof of identity, age, and place of residence.

Hence, voter ID is a special identity card that helps you as a citizen of India, to avail services without any hassle.

CEO Andhra E-Registration

There are various forms that one can fill to register one-self  as a voter of Andhra Pradesh or to make corrections in his/her form. We bring to you the details of various Registration Forms for Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh. They are:

Form-6: New Enrollment.

Form-7: Objection to inclusion of name.

Form-8: Correction in the card.

Form-8A: Transpose your card.

Candidates who don’t have a voter id card yet have to select the Form-6 for new application registration.

Select Form-7 for the any objections regarding the inclusion of name.

Select Form-8 in case if you have any corrections to be made on already issued voter ID card.

How to Register For Voter ID Card On Ceoandhra.nic.in

Although there is a brick-n-mortar office of the CEO AP to look into issues related to Andhra Voter List and Andhra Pradesh Voter Card e-registration, the Andhra Pradesh CEO maintains a website where the voters can easily login with their dedicated username and password to apply for their new voter ID card or make changes in the voter list.

  • If you are staying in Andhra Pradesh and want to apply for a voter ID card to vote at an assembly constituency in the state, you can do so through the following steps:
  • Access http://www.ceoandhra.nic.in website. The Home Page of the website is displayed. It asks you to register with your credentials to get your username and password.
  • Once done, you will get a unique username name and password.
  • Login with this user name and password. You will be directed to an e-registration link. Click the E-registration link. You will come across various forms.
  • Access the correct form as per your need. For instance:
    • Use Form 6 if you are a new voter without a voter ID card at all.
    • Use Form 8 if your name is not in the voter list of your assembly constituency or data in your voter ID card is wrong.
    • Use Form 8A if you have changed your address in the same assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Once done, you need to click the Submit button. A registration number would be provided to you. Don’t forget to submit hard copies of your age proof and address proof to the nearest Election Registration Officer (ERO)’s office. In case, you are not a new user, Andhra Pradesh CEO’s department will send across a voter ID card through post. If you are a new voter, the Booth Level Officers (BLO) will visit you to verify the credentials. Once verified, you can expect to get your voter card soon.
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CEO Andhra Voter List 

Every State issues a voter list before an upcoming election. The Andhra Pradesh voters list includes the name of all the voters who are above 18 years of age and can vote. It is important that a voter’s name features in this list or else he/she will not be allowed to vote under any circumstance. This list is prepared by electoral Registration officer of every assembly. It consists of all the people who are eligible to vote in that particular assembly or constituency. Every year this list is revised and updated to include all the first time voters. This list also shows all the updates and changes made by the already registered voters in their card.

The process of getting enrolled in the voters list in Andhra Pradesh is same as any other state. In order to be included in the list, you will have to simply register yourself for voting by filling out form 6 and submit it. You can do it directly from the official website. On successful submission your name will be included in the voters list of Chief Electoral Office Andhra. This CEO Andhra voters list is revised and updated every year.

In case you need to update or make changes with regards to your entry in the voters list you can fill in the proper form. The website of Andhra CEO also lets you find out about your assembly constituency. Simply visit the CEO Andhra website. All you got to do is enter the relevant details and with a click on a button you will get the information.

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Besides the voters list, the AP voters can also find out the location of the polling booth of their area using Google Maps. There is a separate page on the official website of CEO Andhra on which the voters can enter required details and find out the location of the polling station of their respective area.

Chief Election Office - CEO AndhraStatus Check of Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh

If you are a resident of Andhra and want to check the status of your Voter ID Card then all you got to do is head straight to the official website of Andhra CEO. Through the “know your status” feature on the website, the voters can know at what stage is their application.

Candidates  who have already applied for the Voter ID Card, can check the status procedure of their Andhra Pradesh Voter ID Card application through the following

Visit this website- http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/status/search1.aspx

  • You need to select whether you’re going to check status for Form-6 or Form-8 or Form-8A.
  • Enter the application ID or House number or Applicant name to know the status.
  • If your name is present in the Electoral rolls and you did not receive your Electors photo Identity Card (EPIC), visit the nearby polling station or election commission office. For more details, you visit ceoandhra.nic.in.

The Andhra election authorities have also gone a step forward and offered another amazing service on mobile. The voters living throughout Andhra Pradesh can now also find out whether their names are in the voters list of their area using mobile phones. This application can work in any mobile phone that has Android operating system. You can download this mobile phone application directly from the official website.

In addition to it, the CEO AP has also devised its very own mobile application for the voters, right across the entire state to find the status of voter ID in AP. The voters can simply send an SMS on the number 9246280027 to know details like polling station and ERO details of their own areas.

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