Easiest Way to Check Voter ID Card Status Tamilnadu

With the advent of Information Technology enhancement in government institutes in India, it has become a lot easier for the citizens not only for filing applications but also to track them. The same applies to the electoral system too. One of the most important institutions under the constitution, the Election Commissions of the centre and the states are working round the clock to ensure a better citizen involvement in the election system by easing the process of Voter ID card registration. Now a voter can not only apply for his ID card online, but also track the process of its status in the internet. The Election commission has created state electoral Chief Commissioner websites in every state where applicants can track their Voter ID card Status Tamilnadu in just a few seconds. This way has become very fast, transparent and very effective in providing good governance. The upcoming elections in Tamil Nadu have become the buzzword and the state Election Commission is leaving no stone unturned to enroll new voters into the electoral arena. They have created special drives and platforms to ensure the electors can enrol themselves and also provided an online platform wherein they can check the Voter ID Card Status Tamilnadu.

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Voter ID Card Status Tamilnadu

Process to track Voter ID Card Status Tamilnadu 

  1. Visit the state Election Commission website of Tamilnadu ( Click here to go to the website)
  2. Click on the link “Know your application status” or “track status”.
  3. Fill in your application ID and form no. and track the your Voter ID Card status Tamilnadu.

Voter ID Card status Tamilnadu – Further Details

Election Commission also designed user friendly steps to navigate to find the voter ID card status checking page. If you have recently applied for the voter ID card in Tamilnadu, you can start checking or tracking the Voter ID Card status Tamilnadu after 4 to 5 weeks of applying. You can also check the status of the Voter ID Card application through National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP). Click here to know more. For smartphone app based services of Tamilnadu Election Commission, click here.

If you don’t have an Voter ID Card yet, you can apply it here

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For easiest process to apply new Voter Id Card, click here

The Voter ID Card is a very important document to get hold of, especially during the stage of elections. It is imperative that every citizen who crossed the age of 18 years has to apply for a Voter ID card and exercise his fundamental right to vote which is mentioned in the article 326 of the constitution. The voter ID card also acts as a valid ID proof in future. Hence it is important to fill in accurate information regarding one’s name, age, sex, address and other information. In case of the misplacement of the voter ID card, the citizen has to apply for a new card by applying in the Election Commission’s website which will be disbursed at an earlier date than a fresh card.

Participating in the election process and exercising the right to vote is not just a right, but also one’s fundamental duty towards one’s nation. It is as important to keep away the evil forces from the political system as to let in the good ones govern and represent us in democracy.

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