What Action to take if I Did not Receive Voter ID Card Bangalore?

Voter ID Card or Electors Photo Identity Card or as it is popularly known as the EPIC Card is issued by the Election Commission of India. The main purpose of the Voter ID Card is to serve as an identity proof of an individual for casting votes on the polling day. The same Voter ID Card can be used as general identity and address proof at other times as well, in our day to day lives for example, for purchasing a SIM Card and for many other general purposes. It often happens that one may apply for … [Read more...]

Can you get voter ID card in Bangalore in a month?

Voter ID card is an important document and we all know it, and we also know that it is tedious and long drawn process to get one and so a lot of us never bother to get one as long as we can avoid it. Nobody wants to stand in the long lines and put up with bureaucracy. Well, these are things of the past as getting election cards is now much easier and faster and especially if you are in a city like Bangalore or any other city from Karnataka, you can get your voter ID card in a month. Get Voter … [Read more...]