Interesting Facts About the Election Commission India

The Election Commission of India performs all the allotted electoral tasks with utter enthusiasm and seriousness. It not only keeps up with the latest technologies to make voting more legitimate, it also goes great miles to catch the attention of people of India to register as voters. For this reason, the ECI constantly ropes in influential figures to promote voter registration and inspire thousands of people who are not yet registered. Clearly, all the steps it takes, do in-fact capture the imagination of a large number of citizens. This shows in the form of staggering figures that show large voter turn out during the major elections. The most recent example could be the huge voter turnout in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

In tune with the modern generation, the Election Commission India website has some really interesting features. These features not only allow you to apply online for voter registration but also help you perform tasks like: –

And the list of possibilities on the ECI website keep on increasing with time and their constant efforts to enhance the voter experience. In this article, we let you know some interesting facts about the features of the Election Commission India website.

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You Can Keep a Check on Election Expenditures

It is becoming increasingly important that you-the voters-keep a close eye on the activities of the candidates in the election days. This would help you differentiate honest and promising candidates from the dishonest ones. One of the greatest ways to that is by keeping a check on the election expenditures. Interestingly, you can stay updated with these expenditures, on the Election Commission India website. All the political parties are obligated to be accountable for all campaigning expenses. These reports are then uploaded to the ECI official website which is www.eci.nic.in and are easily available for the voters to view. The political parties are required to file their election expenditure statement within the time span of 75 days from Assembly elections and with 90 days from the Lok Sabha elections.

The obligation, that the parties have to submit these expense reports, in turn keeps a control on unnecessary lavish campaigning expenditures from illegitimate sources. Also, the fact that these reports are made public on the Election Commission of India website, sends out a message that elections are an all inclusive affair where all the voters have a right to information.

Therefore, we urge the voters to keep a regular check on these reports during every election. The method to access these reports is really easy. Just visit the following link which present on the ECI official website: – http://eci.nic.in/eci_main1/PolPar/expenditurereports.aspx On this link, not only would you find

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The disappointing part about the obligation of filing expenditure statements is that most of the political parties have defaulted this obligation. The Election Commission of India would only succeed in this avenue when a majority of the political parties take this obligation seriously and file their poll expenses statements on time, for the greater good of the Democracy.

Videos Depicting the Election Process on Election Commission India Website

The first time voters or enthusiasts can find interesting videos depicting the whole polling process on the Election Commission India website. There are various videos which help you get familiar with the working of the revolutionary Electronic Voting Machine. You can find video clips about(click the link to view them): –

We encourage our readers and voters to view these video clips in order to get a fair share of knowledge about the working of polling and related activities during the election days in India.

Election Commission of India and the Youth Icons

The Election Commission India surely goes an extra mile in order to lure the young voters to the polling stations and encourage the youth to register and vote. Recently, CEO Delhi roped in the famous Indian cricketer and a youth icon, Virat Kohli to motivate young voters.

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some unknown facts about election commission of India website

Apart from Virat Kohli, we have also seen famous Bollywood actor, Amir Khan as a brand ambassador for Election Commission India. These collaboration certainly help to bring out more and more people people to the polling booths. Encouraging people to register as voters and get their voter id card is one of the key duties of the election commission and it certainly lives up to the expectations.

Election Commission of India’s Online Video Game

In order to create awareness among the young voters, the Election Commission India has come out with a novel idea. Young voters can now visit the eci.nic.in and play a nice online game called ‘Get Set Vote’. In the game, you have to select your online character and then lead him to the polling booth by completing a tricky maze. This is surely a fun way to get young voters become interested in the whole idea of voting and democracy. Here is the direct link to this amazing game which is free to play: – http://eci.nic.in/eci_main1/Sveep/maze_english/index_english.html


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