What major steps did the Election Commission of India 2015 take?

Allow me to riddle you! What’s the one thing that is permanent in this world? I know you can do it! Think! Relations and bonds? If that’s your answer then my dear friend you’re wrong! No matter how hard you try you’re wrong. Unless CHANGE is your answer. Change is the only permanent thing in this world, in everyone’s lives. Everything changes. Nothing remains the same. So, let’s look at the some of the new steps taken by the Election Commission of India 2015. Major Steps taken by the Election … [Read more...]

How is the Chief Election Commissioner of India appointed?

India is a Democratic country. Which means people have the right to choose and elect their leaders and give them power to lead them. But, have you ever wondered who takes all the effort to hold elections, verify the candidates, count the votes, etc. The unsung heroes who do these: ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA. History of the Chief Election Commission of India Chief Election Commission of India is an independent body responsible for administering all the electoral processes in the Republic of … [Read more...]

Want to Work for the Election Commission of India? Here is the Chance

The Election Commission of India is a very prestigious constitutional body which monitors and conducts Election in India. It also passes orders and issues notices to the leader and parties on default on protocols or on the model code of conduct during the campaigning days. In other words, the ECI is the guardian of the Indian Democracy. It is an active vigilante, protecting the rights of the voters and at the same time spreading awareness about the importance of the Electoral system of the … [Read more...]

Interesting Facts About the Election Commission India

The Election Commission of India performs all the allotted electoral tasks with utter enthusiasm and seriousness. It not only keeps up with the latest technologies to make voting more legitimate, it also goes great miles to catch the attention of people of India to register as voters. For this reason, the ECI constantly ropes in influential figures to promote voter registration and inspire thousands of people who are not yet registered. Clearly, all the steps it takes, do in-fact capture the … [Read more...]