What major steps did the Election Commission of India 2015 take?

Allow me to riddle you! What’s the one thing that is permanent in this world? I know you can do it! Think! Relations and bonds? If that’s your answer then my dear friend you’re wrong! No matter how hard you try you’re wrong. Unless CHANGE is your answer. Change is the only permanent thing in this world, in everyone’s lives. Everything changes. Nothing remains the same. So, let’s look at the some of the new steps taken by the Election Commission of India 2015.

Major Steps taken by the Election Commission of India 2015

Various number of steps were taken by the Election Commission of India 2015.Here’s a list of some of the Major steps taken till now:

A. Non-tamperability of Electronic Voting Machines

The Election Commission has put in place elaborate measures and procedural checks-and-balances aimed at prevention of any possible misuse or procedural lapses.

These measures include:

  1. Rigourous pre-election test of each EVM by technicians
  2. Rigourous pre-election inspection of each EVM by technicians
  3. iMock-poll at various stages
  4. Two level randomization, for the random allotment of the EVMs to various constituencies and their subsequent dispatch to various polling stations.
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B. Declaration of Trends & Results through website

The Election Commission of India will display the trends and results of counting of votes on the website
Visit http://www.eci.nic.in and click on “Results” tab on the menu bar.

Trends and results can be viewed for candidates and party wise trends. Scenario at a glance can also be seen in the form of a pie chart as a graphical representation.

C. Launching of National Voter Service Portal (NVSP)

The National Voter Service Portal (NVSP) has been launched on 25th January 2015 on the occasion of National Voters’ Day Hon’ble Former President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam. Election Commission of India 2015 launched the NVSP with the aim to provide single window services to electors.

Various services being offered through NVSP are:

  1. Search names in the Electoral List.
  2. Apply online in English/ Hindi Language for new registration.
  3. Apply online for corrections, if any.
  4. View details of his Polling booth, Assembly Constituency and Parliamentary constituency.
  5. To get the contact details of Booth Level officer, Electoral Registration Officer and other Election officer.
  6. To feed Aadhaar Number for attaching it with Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) data
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Year 2015 has been marked for “ easy registration and easy correction ” During 2015, the Election Commission of India 2015 will endeavour to put in efforts in providing all possible support services to electors with the help of IT tools.

To see the NVSP portal click on the following link:


To learn how to voter search on the NVSP portal click on the following link:

D. Launching of National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP), 2015

The Election Commission of India,with the prime objective of bringing a totally error free and authenticated electoral roll, has decided to launch a comprehensive programme, i.e., National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme(NERPAP), from March,2015

  1. Linking and authentication of EPIC data of electors with Aadhar data of UIDAI
  2. Voluntary disclosure of multiple entries in electoral roll
  3. Corrections of errors in electoral roll or EPIC
  4. Improvement of image quality of an elector

The above take place under NERPAP.

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After all running the world’s biggest democracy is no joke. Proper rules should be set up and those who violate these should be punished. Election Commission of India takes this responsibility and has done a fine job till now. After all they are the unsung heroes of every Indian election.

To know more about the steps taken by the Election Commission of India 2015 and other events click on the following link:

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