Kolhapur links 20 thousand Aadhaar cards to voter ID cards

With an intention to eliminate fake voting, Indian Government and Election Commission of India came up with a new idea to link Aadhaar Card to Voter Id Card, known as EPIC –Aadhaar Seeding. To know different methods of aadhaar-voter id card seeding, please click here.

According to recent population counting, there are approximately 8.4 crore registered voters in the state and approx. 8.1 crore people over 18 years of age. Thus it is obvious that there are certain differences in the total numbers of registered voters and total number of citizens eligible for voting. This figure indicates that there are approx. more than 28 lakhs bogus voters present.

However this new drive is not so welcomed by the locals as less than 100 voters linked their Aadhaar card few days after this drive launched. With this lack luster approach, the officials had responded with aggressive campaigning and will hold special camps in different colleges and public places to create an awareness among the public of the benefit of Seeding.

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Kolhapur ranks 2nd  in link aadhaar card to voter id card:

Of total Registered Voters in the state, Citizens of Hingoli and Kolhapur District are actively participating in this campaign among citizens of other districts to link aadhaar card to voter ID card. Currently, Hingoli ranks 1st among all the district in the state while Kolhapur moving right behind it.

link aadhaar card to voter id

Around 1.75 lakhs seeding have already been done with total registered voters are of around 29.28 lakhs in Kolhapur District. With an intention to link aadhaar card to voter id in more and more numbers, the district collectorate on Sunday implemented a special drive across 3100 centres in the district. All the booth level officers were instructed to receive the applications and to feed it online so as to help Election Commission of India to complete this seeding till December.

As no political parties are taking much interest in spreading awareness and also due to lack of massive drive by the local officials to spread awareness among the public, the response is not so good and the progress is very slow. This resulted in Election Commission of India to direct all the collectors across the state to launch a campaign to link aadhaar card to voter id in their respective districts to help rise the enthusiasm among the voters.

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Kolhapur district collector Amit Saini told to a Newspaper, “The people registered with the public distribution system are all voters, hence their Aadhaar numbers are available with the PDS department. So far, the election office has received 5.5 lakh Aadhaar card numbers from the PDS which are being fed to the online system. The numbers are being linked with voter cards on the websites of both the ECI and the state election office”.


Since the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation’s election is scheduled on October, the officials are doing their bit to help accomplish this seeding process. There are as many as 12 voter help centres in Kolhapur tehsils where revenue officials are engaged in the process of receiving and seeding the applications.

More than 20 thousands voter id cards were seeded alone in just single day across the district. More than 40 thousands aadhaar cards applications have been received by the officials for seeding. At this current pace, the officials are confident of completing this process by the end of this month.

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With the last date to submit your application for seeding being 31st July 2015, you can do it by submitting a scanned copy of both your aadhaar card and voter id card to your nearest government official.

Election Commission of India also provided you will the facility to link aadhaar card to voter id card online.

You can also visit this website: http://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/AadhaarSeed

link aadhar card to voter id portal

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