What is the Process Of Getting A Voter ID Card?

Election Commission of India and Voter ID Card

The elections are held in India under the supervision of the Election Commission of India. It is the duty of the Election Commission to ensure that free and fair elections are held at regular intervals as per the principles enshrined in the Constitution.

The voter Id is also an important document issued by the Election commission of India to make the procedure of voting smooth and free of malpractices. It is issued after verifying all the details of the the individual. A lot of malpractices such as rigging and Bogus voting used to happen during elections so Voter ID Card was started as a solution to wipe away malpractices and promote fair elections

Why Should You Vote?

There are a number of reasons for one to vote, but you need none to make a good change, to contribute to development and to do sustainable growth. Although we bring to you few reasons that why “should” you vote:

  1. Voting is a must because it’s your most sacred right in a democratic country
  2. Your right is the at the heart of our democracy
  3. Your chance to decide your future & that of your fellow citizens
  4. Gives you the ultimate power to shape the destiny of your country
  5. Every vote counts

What is a Voter ID Card?

A Voter ID card is considered an important identity document for several purposes in India. It can serve as a photo identity in several situations such as when applying for a loan, at a domestic airport, to open a bank account, and so on.

Voter ID card is not a plastic card or smart card; it is a black and white bank size card. It contains the photo, date of birth, and address of the card holder. It also contains the serial number, a hologram sticker and stamped signature of the issuing authority.

Use of voter ID card

While you go to the Election Booth to vote you have to identify yourself to avoid any malpractices and promote fair elections. At such times your Voter ID Card issued by the Election Commission of India comes to your rescue. You need to show your voter Id card as it contains your name, your father’s name and address it can act as a strong proof of identification To sum it up Voter ID card is not only essential to cast vote today but it has also become necessary to have an election card for the following purpose:

  • Register your name in the voters  list if you change your residence in India
  • Include your name in the electoral roll if you’ve got married and changed your surname and place of residence.
  • Buy tickets online, such as railway tickets for AC and non-AC classes. It is also essential to have a photo identity card to buy Tatkal tickets.
  • Get passports or other identity cards. The election card acts as a proof of identity, age, and place of residence.

Hence, voter ID is a special identity card that can help you as a citizen of India, to avail services without any hassle.

what is the process of getting a voter id card?

How can I get a voter id card?

It does not take much effort to apply for an electoral card online. Technical bugs are regularly removed and the process is managed by top IT firms, Microsoft Corp and Tata Consultancy Services.

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In order to apply for voter card online, you will need to visit the webpage of your state election commission. Every election commission website has option of registering online.

Like suppose if you want to register for Voter ID Card Delhi you will have to go to: http://www.ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/login.aspx

Sign up as “New user”. Fill the form -6. Upload passport size photo, scanned copy of address proof and age proof and submit.

In case you are unable to upload the documents then the Booth Level Officer (BLO) who will come to your residence to verify the information will collect both the documents from you.

Various forms are available in order to get a Voter ID Card. like the form to apply for a new voter card is form 6. The NRIs will have to fill form 6A. The online application process also requires the applicant to upload scanned copies of passport size photograph and those documents which will be used as documents of proof. Once the form is successfully submitted, a unique application ID/number is generated for the voter.

You need to:

  • Log on to the official site of your state’s Chief Electoral Officer.
  • Click on option which says Form 6 (also referred to as ‘Application for including name in assembly constituency voters list)
  • Enter your name, email ID and mobile number. A unique login number and password will be allotted to you.
  • Log on with the unique login number and password you have been provided.
  • Click on Form 6 online.
  • Fill the form completely and accurately.
  • Attach a passport-size color photograph.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

Your online application for electoral card is done. However, documents needed for approval must be hard copies that must be submitted at your voters’ facilitation center. The documents include copies of address and identity proof. Once the verification is done, your task for applying voter card is over.

Forms for applying for Voter ID Card

The various forms to apply for Voter ID Card are:

Form 6

This form is for issuance of a new Voter ID Card – in other words a fresher or those who have not applied for a voter card earlier. The applicant must provide proof of residence, age, and certify the number of members in the family he or she is living. Those who attain the age of 18 years need to apply for an electoral card through this form.

Form 8

This form is needed in case you have a typo error or want to upload your photo. So, basically this form is meant for modifications and subtle changes in the name, address, in your Voter ID Card, etc.

Form 8A

This form is used by those who want a transposition of their name in the electoral roll. Here, except for the address the voter card is valid otherwise. So, to change the address in the same constituency, this form needs to be accessed. The electoral roll is also updated with the change in the voter card.

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Form 002

This form is used in case you have lost your voter card or it has got mutilated by accident. An FIR needs to be filed in and a copy of the same along with all the credentials required for form 6 is furnished with the form. A duplicate card is provided to you.

Form 7

In case you want to object the inclusion of a name in the electoral list, you can submit this form. This is often required for those whose parents die and require cancelling the voter card.

Documents Required to be attached

You need to attach two documents in order to get your Voter ID Card. Here we describe to you all the documents and the procedure in detail. The various documents that are required along with the form are:

a) Proof of your residence

b) Proof of your age, such as birth certificate, school leaving certificate etc. However this is only required if you are between 18 and 21 years of age.

c) Latest Passport Sized Photograph

You can submit the following in case of address proof and age proof

Address proof (You can choose any one of the following)

  • Bank / Kisan / Post Office current Pass Book
  • Ration Card / Passport / Driving license / Income Tax Return filed
  • Latest Water / Telephone / Electricity / Gas Connection Bill for that address, either in the name of the applicant or that of his / her immediate relation like parents

Age proof (You can choose any one of the following)

  • High School Certificate / SSLC Mark Sheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving License
  • Passport/PAN Card

how do i register for a voter id card?

Various Methods to get voter id card:

You can get you election card either online within a month or stretch it till four months and get it offline. We tell you the various methods to get your voter id card:

You will have to download form 6, duly fill it and then:

a)      Send it by post.

b)      Deliver it personally.

c)       Personally collect and deliver Form-6.

While completing the application form for voter id card online, scan copy of residence proof and age proof (if you are between 18 and 21 along with a colored passport size photograph should be upload or it can be handed over to Booth Level Officer (BLO) who will come to your residence to verify the information.

In case you are a student living in a hostel or private accommodation then Declaration in the proforma at Annexure One Form -6 also needs to be uploaded during the completion of application of voter id online.

If you are sending your application by post then a completed Form-6 which can be downloaded from the official website along with the residence proof and age proof (if you are between 18 and 21) should be sent to the VREC (Voters’ Registration and EPIC Centre) of your Assembly Constituency.

If you are delivering your application personally then a completed Form-6 which can be downloaded from the official website along with the residence proof and age proof (if you are between 18 and 21) should be personally delivered to the VREC (Voters’ Registration and EPIC Centre) of your Assembly Constituency or you can go to the closest Designated Location and deliver it there. You can also give the documents to the Booth Level officer (BLO) personally.

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You can go to the VREC of your Assembly Constituency, or to the closest Designated Location or your BLO. You can pick up Form 6, attach the documents in proof of your residence and age (if you are between 18 and 21) and submit this to any of the following :

  1. Your VREC
  2. Closest Designated Location
  3. Your BLO
  4. By post to your VREC

After completing your application voter ID card status can be tracked either online or on phone.

Checking Status and Complaint

You can easily check the status of your voter card online by visiting the website of your state’s election commission officer and clicking on house number, application number, or applicant name, and then choosing the correct form number and search for it.

You can also track the status by calling 1506 and following the instructions further or sending an SMS to 9433633333 with your unique serial number that you would get once you finish filling the form.

How to find the details of the nearest voter registration center?

There are various ways to find out about the nearest registration center. You can either do it online or through SMS:

A)     Online-

  1. Head over to Election Commission of India Website http://eci.nic.in/eci_main1/Linkto_electo_search.aspx
  2. The direct link provided above will take you to your state Election Commission’s search page
  3. Once you land in State Election Commission’s page, you can search by providing Voter ID card number or other details

B)   SMS-

This process varies from state to state in terms of destination number and the format. We are aware of the process for some states which are given below:

You have choose your state and message the information given below on the number provided for your state

  1. Chandigarh – BTH<space>Voter ID Card No. to 9216164606
  2. Andhra Pradesh – Vote<space>Voter ID Card No. to 9246280027
  3. Karnataka – Send SMS as KAEPIC<space>Voter ID Card No. to 9243355223
  4. Tamilnadu – EPIC<space>Voter ID Card No. to 9444123456
  5. Odisha – CEOODI<space>ED<space>Voter ID Card No. to 9238300131
  6. Kerala – ELE<space>Voter ID Card No. to 54242 or 537252
  7. West Bengal – WBEC<space>Voter ID Card No. to 51969
  8. Uttar Pradesh – UPEPIC<space>Voter ID CARD No. to 9212357123

If you discover that your name is not present in Electoral Rolls, you can submit an application for the same online/offline. Last dates vary across states.

C)   Call Election Commission Helpline-

You can reach Election Commission (24×7) at 1950 toll-free. You can opt to call Election Commission for clarifications and complaints.

Certainly, all the above measures are aimed at conducting elections as effectively as possible. We urge Indian voters to make use of the facilities and choose the right people to lead the nation.

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