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Voting is the basic right of every citizen in India. Being the largest democracy of the world, there is an urgent need to record the whereabouts of every citizen who votes, so as to avoid repetition of votes or missing the votes of someone eligible to vote. This is done by maintaining the voter list online as well as offline with the government and voter ID cards with the individual citizens. With the advent of technology, one can search the voter list online and see to it that whether he/she is eligible to vote, and if yes, then where he/she should approach to cast his vote.

do check your voter list online

Voter list online: How to check it?

To do so, you need to go to the homepage of NVSP or National Voter’s Service Portal. You can click here too-  http://electoralsearch.in/

The page will show topmost result as “Voter information: ECI”. When you click on this link it redirects you to another page which is that of National Voter’s Service Portal or NVSP.


Accessing your online voter list details:

The page you opened above will have 2 columns on top left corner. One as “search through EPIC Number” and another as “search through details”. If you have your voter ID card, enter the number in the first search and if you don’t remember your voter ID card number, enter your basic details as to name, age, and date of birth, father’s name, region and gender. When you click search in either of the options, post entering the details required, you will be taken to another page, which will be a page with all your personal details and then voting details.

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Knowing the voter list online:

The page that opens will let you know all your details, you entered at time of obtaining the voter ID card. This is to make you verify, whether you are searching the right person or not. Once you are sure of the identity, then move on to seeing the voter list details.

What details can you check in the Voter list online format?

Voter list online will show you details about your polling centre, name of the Block Officer and the Electoral Roll officer. It will also acquaint you with details of the upcoming elections, date as well as the time of elections. It will, based on your region, will tell you the nearest polling centre where you can go and freely cast your vote.

Changing details in voter list online:

Since the details mentioned in the online voter list, is the one mentioned with government, so, in case of any changes needed, you need to go through the formal procedure. For doing so, you need to file the Form 8, where in all your previous as well as new/changed details are asked for. Once you fill this up and apply online/offline, necessary changes, after verification will be made to the details of your voter list.

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Click here to know how Voter Id Verification is done


Click here to know how to make corrections in Voter List

Region wise and date wise voter list online:

Many states upload the PDF format of the voter list such as in Karnataka. To know the voter list and its details online, one needs to download this PDF and go through it, to find the name and the related details of it. Apart from this, you can also type “voter list online (respective state) and (year)”, where you will be eventually directed to the concerned state’s page. You can search the voter list online, accordingly, entering the details in the way mentioned above.

Printing the voter list details:

You can take the prints of the page which displays your details on the voter list. This will help you to avoid remembering it, for future use.

Hence, above is the detailed procedure to access your voter list details. It is very necessary to get to know your voter list details, be it online mode or offline mode. Because, if you don’t get to know your voter details, you won’t be able to cast your vote.

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Your vote is your identity, if you don’t cast your identity, then you are a hypocrite to crib on quality of politicians our country owns.

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