How do Election Officers Conduct Voter ID Card Verification?

The distribution of the voting cards should be carried out with utter precision because any loopholes in such a distribution could render the malpractice of bogus voting more widespread. For this reason, newly applying voters are duly verified before their names are included in the voters’ lists and before they are issued the election commission identity cards(voting cards). Hence, in this article we discuss about the way in which the voter id card verification is carried out by the BLOs(Booth level officers).

Voter ID Card Verification by the Booth Level Officer

Once you have completed all the form filling and submission formalities to become a new voter registration, you can expect the BLO of your area to pay a visit to your residence address for voter id card verification. The motive of this verification visit is to ensure that you are the same person who applied for inclusion of name and that the details you have provided during the filling of application are correct and up-to-date.

If you have filled and submitted the form online then you can expect the following things when the BLO visits your residence: –

  • Verify the provided photograph with you in person.
  • Confirm whether you actually reside at the address you provided in the form.
  • The BLO would bring along the downloaded application form no. 6 which you filled online and he/she would obtain¬†your signature on the same.
  • You can handover the address proof documents(the self attested copies would work but you can confirm the same with your BLO) in case you did not upload them with the online application.
  • If you are 18-21 years old, the BLO would need to obtain your age proof documents in case they were not uploaded online while filling the form.

If you have filled and submitted the form no. 6 offline, then the voter id card verification by the officer would revolve around the following: –

  • Verify whether the photograph attached with the form is yours(the applicant’s).
  • Verify that you(the applicant) actually stays at the provided residence address.

Since, while applying offline, it is mandatory to attach the identity, d.o.b, age and address proof documents therefore, the BLO would not again ask you for these documents upon his verification visit.

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how do election officer conduct voter id card verification?

What after Voter ID Card Verification?

Once the BLO successfully completes your voter id card verification with your full co-operation, the BLO would submit the verification to the higher officials and after all the formalities are completed, your name would soon reflect in the voters’ list and you would thereafter receive your EPIC or the voting card.

In some cases, the BLO might leave your residence dis-satisfied with the voter id card verification. This may lead him to reject your application for voters’ list registration. In the next section, we list down the possible factors that may lead to a failed verification

What all Factors Could Lead to Failed Voter ID Card Verification?

The following factors could lead the BLO to be dis-satisfied with your identity verification hence, the following points should be kept in mind and taken care by the applicant voter : –

  • If the address you provided in the form no. 6, is not your actual permanent address. Make sure you provided the address where you actually reside.
  • If the photograph you provided does not match with your actual appearance.
  • If you are unavailable at your residence. Make sure you contact the BLO and know what could be done.
  • If you do not provide the required identity, age, d.o.b and address proof documents.
  • If you are already a registered voter in another constituency.

If you take care of the above points, then you shall successfully verify yourself as a voter in front of the BLO and there may be no reason for him/her to reject your application or reject your verification claim. Other than that, make sure that while filling the form no. 6, you make no mistakes and provide accurate and correct details like age, d.o.b, address, etc.

Contact Details of the Booth Level Officer

You should regularly keep in touch with the BLO of your area in order to solve your doubts and queries about voter registration and voter id card registration. You can obtain these contact details from the CEO website of your state(find the list by clicking here)

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Or you can simply visit the Election Commission of India website and click on the option on the right hand of the page that says, ‘Know your polling station and BLO details‘ Then on the landing page, simply select you state/UT, district and AC(assembly constituency) post that, just click the search button. You would then be able to locate your polling station along with the details of your booth level officer.

New Voter Registration Before Voter ID Card Verification

It is not a hidden fact that the Booth level officer would not automatically visit your residence for voter id card verification until and unless you yourself apply for a voter id card or voter registration. You can apply for inclusion of name to voters’ list by filling the form no. 6 online or offline. Here are the quick steps: –


  • Visit the CEO Website of your own state. Find the list by selecting your state here: –¬†http://eci.nic.in/eci_main1/Links.aspx
  • Select the online registration option that would ultimately take you to the online form no. 6. Different CEO Websites have different option names, for example on the CEO Delhi website, you have to click on the option saying, ‘Enroll Online’.
  • If you’re applying through the ECI website then you can click on the option saying, ‘Enrol Now, Become a Voter’.
  • After clicking the option, you will land on the login page where you have to enter your username and password.
  • If you’re not already registered as a user on the ECI Website, then you can click on the option saying, ‘New User Registration’.
  • To register, you simply have to select your state and enter your valid mobile number along with e-mail address.
  • You would then receive a verification code on your mobile phone.
  • Enter this verification code on the page to which you are directed to, after entering the above mentioned details.
  • Once successfully registered, you would be able to access the online version of the election commission of India form no. 6
  • After the filling and submission of the form is done, you can expect the BLO of your area to proceed with the voter id card verification.
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Alternatively, you can obtain the form no. 6 from the VREC of your area, fill it, attach the photograph plus the required documents and then submit it in person or by post to the address of the VREC.

Possession of a voter id card has been declared mandatory by the Election Commission of India since the elections of 2004. The importance of this piece of identity document is not unknown to the voters. It is not only your entry ticket to the polling booth on the election day but is also a very important proof of identity for the India citizens. The whole idea of the democracy has voting as its foundation. Therefore, the fact that you require a voter id card to cast your vote makes it a very important component of the Indian democracy. Something that should not be ignored by eligible and responsible citizens who wish to actively participate in the progress of their own nation by keeping up their opinion in the form of votes.

Before we discuss about voter id card verification, it is therefore necessary to discuss about the step that precedes the verification stage. To be a verified voter, you have to first apply to be registered as a voter. For this you have to fill the Election Commission of India form no. 6 for inclusion of name to voters’ list. If you frequently visit our blog, www.VoterIDCard.org.in then it may not be difficult for you to know the complete application process. You can easily read the following article to grasp a detailed knowledge about to how to fill the form no. 6 and become a registered voter: – Applying for Voter ID Card Through Voter ID Card Form

In case you’re in no mood for heading to another article to obtain the information then you can refer to the following section where we lay down the quick steps for voter id card application before expecting a verification visit from BLO.


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