Easiest way to check Voter List Online

Voting is the basic right of every citizen in India. Being the largest democracy of the world, there is an urgent need to record the whereabouts of every citizen who votes, so as to avoid repetition of votes or missing the votes of someone eligible to vote. This is done by maintaining the voter list online as well as offline with the government and voter ID cards with the individual citizens. With the advent of technology, one can search the voter list online and see to it that whether he/she is … [Read more...]

CEO Gujarat – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Found on the nation's western coast, Gujarat stands out amongst the most energetic waterfront states of India, rich in specialties, history, and characteristic magnificence. The spot gets its name from "Gujaratta" significance the place where there are Gujars who passed through Punjab and settled in a few parts of Western India. They were the sub tribes of the Huns who ruled the territory amid eighth and ninth hundreds of years AD. The historical backdrop of Gujarat goes over to 2000 BC. It is … [Read more...]