Gujarat Local Body Polls Postponed by State EC

Gujarat local body polls have been postponed according to an announcement by the Gujarat State Election Commission. For the announced postponement, maintenance of law and order has been cited as an issue. These elections were to be held for the various local bodies in the state. A notification issued by the commission has revealed the decision. After examination of the current law situation in Gujarat, the decision has been taken. It has been cited that elections must be held in a free, fair and … [Read more...]

CEO Gujarat – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Found on the nation's western coast, Gujarat stands out amongst the most energetic waterfront states of India, rich in specialties, history, and characteristic magnificence. The spot gets its name from "Gujaratta" significance the place where there are Gujars who passed through Punjab and settled in a few parts of Western India. They were the sub tribes of the Huns who ruled the territory amid eighth and ninth hundreds of years AD. The historical backdrop of Gujarat goes over to 2000 BC. It is … [Read more...]