Why 33.62% of people with valid Voter ID could not vote this elections?

Why India never sees a 100 percent voter turnout even in biggest of it’s elections? Why 33.62 percent of the people with voter ID, did not cast their votes during 2014 elections?  Not only this, the report also mentions that 66.38 percent is the highest voter turnout in Indian election history. Why people don’t vote, when they are eligible to, by holding valid Voter ID cards?elect

According to the India Today Report of 2014 general elections, voter turnout, which is the percent of population who voted with respect to the percent of population who hold voter ID cards, during the 2014 elections, was just 66.38 percent. What about the rest 33.62 percent? Although report also said, that voter turnout was highest during this election period, but then, why it didn’t reach 100 percent? Why do we have some people, every time, who do not vote?

Valid Voter ID holders cannot vote in elections – Do you know why?

India been such a big democracy, needs reliable politicians, but then, why citizens, holding voter ID cards, could not vote?

1. Voter ID is not the only thing needed – Voter List is important too

To be eligible to vote, every citizen must have his name enrolled in the voter list of that area. Voter list is the government’s record of names of eligible voters in that area. Voter ID is the unique card issued through voter list. So, if anyone is holding the voter ID but name is not enrolled in the voter list, then that person cant vote. To check your name in voter list online, click here.

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2. Bogus voting issues

Many a times it happens that some one else votes on your behalf, and then when you go to cast your vote, your are not allowed to. This is called bogus voting. This usually happens in places, where their are high political bosses, who capture the booths and take all votes in their favor, by hook or by crook. Although over a period of time, this has dramatically decreased, yet , it exists in some places in India.

3. Lack of awareness

A very big factor that stops people, holding voter ID from voting is the lack of awareness amongst the people. This lack of awareness can be in any sense, from basic level details about elections, its rules and its purpose.


4. Location of polling stations

When the government officials think that two or more areas can be polled and same polling stations can be allotted to both, as the polling station is equidistant from both the areas, many of the people living in either of these areas, are at time confused and are unaware of the actual location of the polling stations. Or worse, they tend to become lazy and don’t walk out on the day of voting, thinking polling station is out of their reach.

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5. Common Excuse – Voter ID is required to Vote and I don’t have it!

Well, as long as your name is in the Voter List, you can cast your vote. Yes! You can simple carry any of the valid ID proof like your PAN Card, Driving license etc to the polling booth and cast your vote if your name already appears in he voters list. So now don’t give this as an excuse to not vote.

6. Thinking your Voter doesn’t matter

This is a pertinent question in mind of all those voting. If your vote never mattered, why would government issue you a unique card called as voter ID card? Yes, voting is your right and you ought to exercise your right in order to fulfil your duties.

7. It’s a holiday!!!!

Voting days in India is always a holiday and hence, people take it as granted as an official leave and doze off in their beds throughout the day thinking, their vote, is not that important. This thing of becoming lazy after continuous days of work, is justified, hence, to rule it out, government must make voting day, a working day and install online voting system all over the country. Government must install online voter ID card readers to verify the identity of the voter.

8. Being ignorant

If any person, who is not thinking on the above lines, may still have one big flaw, which is been ignorant towards the parties, their agendas and their campaigns. These three are ways that any party can adapt in order to talk to the voter and when, any voter, although having voter ID , going to the polling station, yet, clicks on any random button, just for the sake of voting, then he/ she is misusing the trust that government and other citizens has bestowed upon him.

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Last reason as to why lot of Indians don’t vote can also be due to booth capturing. It is when, big parties hire goons, who on the day before voting, bribe all the citizens and ask them to vote in their favour. In such cases, citizens lose the trust in the administrative machinery, and feel as if their personal decisions are purchased by someone. They eventually end not voting at all.

So readers, I would humbly request you to avoid all the above reasons, to whatever extent possible and go out and fight for the right voting methodology where your votes are not purchased but are your private personal decisions. If you take a step forward, to vote adequately and correctly, soon the political problems of our country, as to corruption, red tapism and party politics will vanish away.

Cast your vote, cast your right, your voter ID is your identity.

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