National Voters Day- Chalo banayee India Behtar, Vote karay hum milkar

India- the world largest democracy, with a population of 1.25 billion it is a place where the world’s largest election process takes place.

Election Commission of India is the supreme authority with regard to the elections in India. It decides the various dates and processes involved in the elections. It is responsible for maintaining the records regarding all national and assembly elections and issues the Dos and the Don’t’s for the contesting candidates. It was founded on 25th of January 1950 which is hence marked as the National Voters Day (NVD).

National Voters Day (25th January 2015)

The Young Generation of Bharat is considered to be its future. It is full of energy, life and positive thinking. It has learned not to quit no matter how hard the situation might be but unfortunately this Yuva Pedi wants to see India at the top of all the nations without working on it.

  • They want to see it clean without they doing their part in cleaning it.
  • They want to see it corruption free while they bribe for Admissions.
  • They want to see ISRO on the top, while they join the NASA.
  • They want to see good governance, without they voting.
  • We must not complain until and unless we have done our bit in changing our nation.
  • You want to see India clean, clean your surroundings first.
  • You want to see India corruption free, stop bribing people for your interests
  • You want to see ISRO on the top, come join it.

You want to see good governance, GO VOTE.

How does India celebrate national voters day on 25th january

ECI has found that the youth of the country does not enrol itself in the electoral rolls of his state and the rolls are seeing major declination in the registration percentages. According to ECI:

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The Election Commission of India (ECI) is concerned about greater participation of citizens of the country in the electoral process as against the present level of apathy and non involvement of certain sections, especially of the youth. The Commission is making serious efforts to enrol all eligible electors of the country in the electoral rolls. The Commission has found that newly eligible voters (18+ years) were not getting enrolled in the electoral roll in requisite numbers, year after year.

National Voters Day is an initiative taken by ECI to make sure every 18+ gets enrolled in the electoral rolls of its state. This date was selected since it coincides with the foundation day of the ECI. This initiative was started since 2011 and is an annual exercise within the country.

Celebrations of the National Voters Day

 (Chalo manayee matdaan ka din)

Celebrations of the national voter’s day takes place all across the nation.

Here is how the commission celebrates it

  1. The Booth Level Officers (BLOs) in over 8 lakh (0.8 million) Polling Station areas felicitate the newly registered voters in a brief ceremony and hand over their Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC) which will give them the formal authority to vote and choose the right candidate.
  2. The freshly eligible and registered voters (those who attained the age of 18 years with 1st January every year as the qualifying date) to be given a badge with the slogan “Proud to be a Voter Ready to Vote” along with their EPIC
  3. All present during the ceremony/ public function to be administered a Pledge, which goes as follows:
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“We, the Citizens of India, having abiding faith in democracy, hereby pledge to uphold the democratic traditions of our country and the dignity of free, fair and peaceful elections, and to vote in every election fearlessly and without being influenced by considerations of religion, race, caste, community, language or any other inducement”.

The District Election Officers (DEOs) who are the District Collectors are organizing similar events at the District headquarters, in association with Panchayat organisations, academic institutions, civil society groups, media etc. These events are done in order to create awareness regarding the NVD. Also celebrations are done on state level in the form of rallies and debates.

All the new voters who have attained the age of 18+ can visit their election officers (booth level officers) to get registered.

This Year’s National Voters Day(2015)

The Election Commission (EC) on Sunday celebrated the fifth National Voters’ Day, on the theme ‘Easy Registration, Easy Correction’ which makes the voters understand that registration along with correction is a cake walk. This year’s theme was particularly chosen in order to make people who were unable to cast their vote due to wrong ID details understand that correction is possible and as easy as the registration.

The former president APJ Abdul Kalam  presided over the occasion, which was held in the national capital. Awards for best electoral practices were given to Chief Electoral Officers and District Election Officers.

Media houses and civil society organisations were also honoured for their best campaign in Voters’ Education and Awareness.

Understanding the power of the voter on the National Voters day                                  


National voter’s day is particularly celebrated to let the voter know its power in the upcoming elections.

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You have got the ultimate power to make or break the future of the political parties but as spider man says “With great power comes great responsibility”.

A terrorist and a soldier both have a gun in their hand (power) but the difference between the two is that the former is not responsible while the latter is.

Always remember that your vote will make a huge difference. Remember to select those who are not only literate but also educated. Remember that they are going to represent you on a national and an international platform. Always try to choose the best amongst the lot irrespective of the caste, creed, and not under the force of money or liquor.

You will be responsible for the future of your state or country. Never underestimate the power of every single vote. REMEMBER TO CHOOSE THE BEST FROM THE REST Also before voting remember to do prior researches regarding the candidate. Compare the work of the outgoing candidate and learn from your mistakes if you have casted a wrong vote. You have the power, Go use it, Go vote

Registration of New Voters on the eve of National Voters Day

Now that we have understood the power of a vote, we are ready to register.

For those first time voter’s here is a quick guide of how to register: – Voter registration/ID/online registration/ form 6

Checking the status is as important as the registration; make sure you are enrolled before you demand the EPIC. Check this link to know the details: – Check the status/online registration/voter card

So, know your power-to use your power. Every vote counts!



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