How to apply for Voter ID TamilNadu Offline?

Getting Voter ID Tamilnadu is a simple process. A person above 18 years of age and the resident of Tamil Nadu can apply for the ID. You simply need to fill a form and attach certain documents. After the verification of documents, you will receive the Voter ID Tamilnadu. Read the step-by-step process for getting the ID :

voter id Tamilnadu

Steps to get Voter ID Tamilnadu Offline:

First of all you should know about 2 important things :

  1. Documents required. Click Here to know the list of documents.
  2. Which Forms to fill. Take a look –
    • Form 6 – to include the name in the voter list or electoral list
    • Form 6A – to include the name of an NRI
    • Form 8 – to include the correct information in the voter list.
    • Form 8A – to transpose entry of the voter if needed.

Get All Voter ID related Forms from here


  • You have to fill Form 6.
  • If you are a resident of a hostel, you have to fill an extra form – Annexure II which comes along with the Form 6.
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Take out the documents that you have with yourself. You can fill the form easily and correctly while keeping the documents in one side. Follow the next steps –

STEP 1Collect the Form 6 (either in English or Tamil) from the regional Election Commission office. Local regional parties do help in getting the form. You can also download the form and take a print out – CLICK HERE

voter id Form 6

STEP 2 – Fill the form completely.

Note 1 – Instructions to fill the FORM 6 are given at the end of the form. So you can refer the instructions if you face any confusion or difficulty.

Note 2 – Fill you Mobile no. and Email ID correctly.

STEP 3 – Attach the documents required.

STEP 4Submit it to the local Election Commission Office or to the nearest Public Service Branch of local Political Party.

STEP 5 – You will get a receipt after submission of the Voter ID Card forms and documents.

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Keep the receipt in safe place. It is needed after your Voter ID Card is ready. The officer will give you the Voter ID Card after giving him the receipt.

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election is near. Election commission has to revise the electoral rolls for the state at this time. Therefore it will take some time to get Voter ID Tamilnadu.

Get Complete Information on the the Parties involved in Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections – Click Here

How will you know – your Voter ID Card TamilNadu is Ready?

When your Voter ID Card is ready, you will receive an SMS from the authority. You may also get an email.

Once you know your card is ready, you have two options:

  • You may receive the Voter ID card at your residence or registered address as per the applications via post.


  • You can take the receipt that you got after the submission to the Local office. Hand the receipt to the concerned officer and get your Voter ID Card if is not already dispatched.

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Check the details printed in the ID Card. If you find any mistake in the detail, you have to go through another process to correct it.

Click Here to know the Voter ID Card form correction method.

We hope the above post is useful. Do explore the site to get answers to your Voter ID Card related queries. Also, get the update of Tamil Nadu Assembly Election from the site.

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