A Comprehensive List of Documents and Forms Required for Voter ID

There are plenty of ‘all you need to know about Voter ID’ posts over the blogosphere. Therefore we could assume that our beloved voters face no problems while finding information about the application procedures for the very important document for democracy called the Voter ID Card. But the mere presence of such posts or blogs does not ensure the proper coverage of all the important points. There is always a possibility of missing information in all such articles. Hence providing hassles for our voters.

VoterIDCard.org.in to the Rescue

We the writers at www.VoterIDCard.org.in are here to change that. We leave no stunned un-turned to ensure that all our posts have all the information required for the smooth application and registration of voter id related forms. All our posts are written so as to include answers to all possible questions that may arise in the minds of the voters and hence not require the readers to search and spend time finding other articles.

Therefore this article once again seeks to solve the voter id related problems and grievances by covering all the important aspects of voter id application and registration. We understand that the power of a democracy is from its voters. Therefore we are here to empower the voters by bringing them a step closer to their platform for change and democratic well-being. This platform is denoted by the very important document called the Voter ID.

How can I Possibly Apply for a Voter ID? [A section for the new voters]

online and offline registration methods for voter id registration


Here is a possible list of methods for new voter id registration:-

  • The Offline Method of queuing up in front of the BLO office to receive the voter id forms and filling them up manually and similarly submitting them by hand. Although slowly fading out, this method of new voter id registration is still popular among areas where the Internet is not as widespread or easily available as it is in the other parts of the country. The Voter ID Form to be filled in this case is Form No. 6 for the inclusion of name into the Voters’ List. This method could easily be categorized as the most time-consuming method of all.
  • The Semi-Online method. In this method, the new voter may download the Voter ID Registration Form No. 6 from the ECI Website:- www.eci.nic.in. or from the state CEO Website. After downloading the form, the new voter could take out a print-out of the same and hence again follow the above-mentioned steps of filling the form and its submission. The printed form could also be sent by post to the Booth Level Officer’s office of your area instead of submitting it in person. Although this would save a bit of the time but still the process of assessment of application is very much time-consuming when compared to the online method.
  • The Online Method. This method for Voter ID Application has become very popular over the years because of the convenience it offers in terms of reduced human effort and hence time. The new voter could simply visit the Election Commission of India Website and click the ‘Register as a Voter’ tab. Then the new voter should first register as a user on the ECI website. Once registered, the Voter could use the login details to access the Online Version of the Voter Registration Form No. 6. The online form upon completion could be submitted with a single click after all the required documents are scanned and uploaded.
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Are the Same Documents Required for the Application of Voter ID, in all of the above methods?

Yes, the documents required are the same in all the above methods for Voter ID registration. Here is a list of required documents:-

1. Voter’s passport size photograph. Please make sure that the voter is completely recognizable in the same. This is because-

a). This photograph would appear on the issued Elector’s Photo Identity Card(EPIC).

b). This photograph would form the basis of verification of your Identity by the visiting Booth Level Officer.
In case of offline and semi-offline methods, the photo is to be pasted in the box provided. Whereas in the case of the online method there is an option to upload the digital format of the same.

2. Voter’s proof of residence. Your driving license, bank pass-book, passport, any letter received by you through the post on the same address that you provided, etc.
In the case of online registration method, you can upload these documents by scanning. The format of digital copies should be PDF only.

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3. Voter’s proof of age. You can use documents like your 10th class mark sheet or the birth certificate issued by the authorized civic agency. Please note that proof of age is only required for the voters who are between 18 to 21 years of age.
As was the case with the documents for proof of residence, these documents to have to be uploaded in PDF format when you’re applying for Voter ID Online.

 Important Online Voter ID Links for New Voters

Here is the link from which you could download the Voter ID Form No. 6 for the inclusion of name into the voters’ list. You can take a print out of this form and fill it manually and apply through the semi-online method:-https://ceodelhi.gov.in/WriteReadData/userfiles/file/Forms/FORM6.pdf

For all those who wish to apply for your Voter ID through the online method, here is the link through which you can gain access to the online version of the registration form no. 6:- https://www.nvsp.in/Forms/Forms/form6

Frequently Asked Questions by Voters who Already Have their Voter ID

  • I have lost my Voter ID just before the elections. Can I still cast my vote?

Answer: Yes, you can still cast your vote but the following conditions need to be fulfilled:

  1. You must have your name in the Electoral List of your constituency. Therefore you must be registered voter in your constituency.
  2. You must take along proof of your identity to the polling booth. The Polling officer would grant you an entry to the polling booth only once he is able to verify your identity. You can use your Driving License, Passport, Aadhar Card or any other official identity document you are endowed with.
  3. You can also take along the voter slip issued to you. This voter slip is a perfect alternative to your Voter ID if your intention is to cast a vote.
  • I have mistakes in my Voter ID, How can I get them corrected?

In order to correct voter id card details, one can use the above-mentioned methods for Voter ID Application, namely Online, Offline, and Semi-Online. But this time the form in focus is the Voter ID Form No. 8 for correction of voter details.

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You can download this form and take its printout to the local BLO Office: https://eci.gov.in/files/file/4826-form-8-application-for-correction-to-particulars-entered-in-electoral-roll/

For applying for Voter ID Corrections you can access the online Form No. 8 from the following link: https://www.nvsp.in/Forms/Forms/form8

  • Can I Still Cast my Vote if Someone has Already cast a Vote in my Name?

Yes, if you have become a victim of such a practice of bogus voting, you must immediately bring it to the notice of the Polling Officer. He would further inform the concerned authorities(Like the Election Commission of India) and he would also issue you a tender ballot paper on which you can cast your anonymous vote and keep forward your opinion. Apart from this measure, there are some other measures relating to the Voter ID which you must keep in mind and initiate to avoid the above-mentioned situation:-

  1. A Voter must not keep possession of more than one Voter IDs at any cost. Possession of multiple voter IDs is a criminal offense. It further creates situations favorable for practices like Bogus Voting to occur and hence rigs the Election the results.
  2. A Voter must carefully examine his name in the Voters’ List in order to ensure that there are no mistakes and errors in the specified details. Any such mistake in the Voter ID Details could be used by the anti-social personalities to initiate bogus voting and hence snatch away your right to participate in the democracy.
  • I am an Indian Living Abroad, How can I apply for my Voter ID?

Overseas voters are as important as the resident voters as far as Indian Democratic elections are concerned. Therefore it is always desirable to have them as registered voters. NRI voters could apply online for their Voter ID registration by filling the Form No. 6A for the inclusion of Overseas Voters.

The download link for Form No. 6A is https://www.nvsp.in/Forms/Forms/form6A

In order to fill this Form Online, the Voters could access the following link:- https://eci.gov.in/files/file/4834-form-6a-application-for-inclusion-of-name-in-electoral-roll-by-an-overseas-indian-elector/

For any further information, our readers could message us on our facebook page and we would try to revert back in no time. Therefore for any queries relating to the Voter ID, please message us on our facebook page:- https://www.facebook.com/voteridcardindia

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  3. I got shifted to Mumbai from Gandhidham, Gujarat after my marriage… I have an voter ID card of Gujarat… What to do to change the address and surname ?
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