What is Part Number of Electoral Roll?

The part number of electoral roll represents the constituency the voter belongs to. For example, the part number of the electoral roll in Darjeeling of Kankiabong Primary School is 18 according to the official website of CEO West Bengal. ┬áThe part number of the electoral roll is hence a representation of the area you reside in. How to Find The Part Number of Electoral Roll? There are basically two methods that help you deal with this situation. If you want to know the part number of … [Read more...]

Steps Needed For Electoral Registration In A New Constituency

Consider a situation where a woman gets married and moves in with her family to a new town. Although she has a valid voter ID card, her name will not be included in the voter list of the assembly constituency where she has just moved in. To include her name in the electoral roll, she must apply for the same. As per our Constitution, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is responsible for issuing voter ID card and processing of voter list for each constituency. The Chief Election … [Read more...]