I changed my Hostel – How to get Change of Address in Voter ID Card?

Voter ID Card is issued by the Election Commission of India to any citizen of 18 years of age and above to serve as identity proof for casting a vote. Since this age group might not necessarily be working, and can also be students who live away from home. The question is whether they can make Change of Address in Voter ID Card if they change their hostel or place where they have been staying before?

Well, the answer is…. YES!

Address Change due to Hostel Change

Change of Address in Voter ID Card as I changed my Hostel:

If you have changed your hostel and want to get a Change of Address in Voter ID Card, it is possible and has been made very simple by the Election Commission of India. You can do so by either by online or offline services available to you, according to your comfort. The two very important forms you will have to remember about in the case of  Change of Address in Voter ID Card is Form 8A and Form 6.

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If your hostel or place in the same constituency as the address on your previous hostel or place of stay, then you need to fill Form 8A.

In case your hostel or place of stay is in a different constituency then you need to re-fill the form 6 and re-apply for a Voter ID in that constituency.

To Know How to Fill Form 6 – CLICK HERE

How to Get a Change of Address in Voter ID Card – Online

Here are 5 simple steps by which you can get Change of Address in Voter ID Card Online.

Step 1: Access the Website

There are many hoax websites which claim to help you get the Change of Address in Voter ID Card by filling Form 8A but in reality, there is only one link provided by the Election Commission of India which can help you do so. The link to the website is given below

To Access the Website of Form 8A – CLICK HERE.

Step 2: Fill in the Applicants’ Details

This is the first part of the form and in this part, you are required to fill in your personal details like name, surname, date of birth, photo identity card number, electoral roll in which his/her name is included etc. This is part of the form is prone to a lot of mistakes as one is likely to make mistakes in spellings and numbers hence, be careful while filling in this part.

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Transportation of Address

Step 3: Fill in Particulars of Ordinary Residence

In this part, you have to fill in the details of your address, to maintain accuracy and avoid mistakes you should ideally use and address proof like an electricity bill or something like that to fill in this part of the form. The original copies of the same should be maintained until verification is done.

Form 8A Online

Step 4: Period of continuous residence at the above address on the date of application

You have to fill in general information about the time period you have lived on the address you have previously mentioned.change of address to hostel

Step 6 and 7: Part Number to which the entry has to be transposed and Details of applicant

This is the most simple yet crucial part of Form 8a, in these parts, you simply have to fill in the details asked for part number and also re-fill in applicant details which you have filled in previously in the same form

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Step 8: Fill in the Declaration and Submit the form

At the end, you have to fill in a declaration like shown in the image below and ‘SUBMIT’ the form

How To Get Change of Address in Voter ID Card – Offline

  • Download Form 8A – CLICK HERE
  • Take a printout of Form 8A
  • Fill in the Form by following the same guidelines mentioned above for the online procedure
  • Attach a copy of your Address Proof.
  • Submit to the nearest Election Registration Officer (ERO)

After due verification, the change of address in Voter ID Card will be reflected.

We hope this article was helpful. Watch this space for more informative articles and News on Voter ID Card!

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  1. my voter id card no ZFK0335117 AND old r/o 138, block k .u. pitam pura delhi
    -110088 after my marriage as usual shifted to new house no a-3/71 ff Paschim
    vihar 110063.now i want to change of my old address to new address on my id
    card registered pl advise.

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