Which Voter ID Card Form to fill when? Form 6, 6a, 7, 8, 8a – All Explained

Possession of a voter ID card is mandatory for all citizens of India to exercise their right to vote. All citizens who are above the age of 18 years are eligible to cast their vote, if they have a voter ID card. In order to get a voter ID card, one can follow simple steps to apply in the voter ID card form either online or offline. Even if there is an error in the information entered in your voter ID card, no need to panic since there are many ways in which one can get it fixed. There is a feasibility to change the address, or edit the personal details, or change the constituency etc. However, one has to fill in various forms for various purposes. Examples of such voter ID card forms are Form 6, Form- 6A,   Form- 7, Form- 8, Form- 8A etc.

voter id card form

Which Voter ID Card Form to fill when? Form 6, 6a, 7, 8, 8a all explained

Form- 6: 

Form- 6 can be filled by

  1. A person who wants to enroll his name in the electoral rolls after attaining 18 years has to fill in this Voter ID Card form -6.
  2. A Person shifting his/her place of residence outside the Constituency in which he/she is already registered can also fill this form.
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This is an Important form as it is the first step for every citizen of the country to participate in the democratic process of the country.

Click here to open form6

For detailed information on how to fill this form6, click here.

Form- 6A:

Any Indian citizen staying in a foreign country, who has not acquired citizenship of that country, can apply in the form- 6A to get registered in the constituency pertaining to the locality in which his place of residence in India is mentioned in the passport.

Click here to open form6A

Form- 7:

A citizen can fill form- 7 whose name is already in the electoral roll but he/ she wants to delete his name from that electoral roll or for objecting the inclusion of any name in the electoral roll. The candidate filling this Voter ID Card form must specify the reasons for deletion of that particular name from the electoral roll viz. Due to death, due to shifting etc.

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Click here to open form 7

Form- 8:

A person whose name is included in the electoral roll but he/ she wants to make corrections to his/ her name can apply in the voter ID Card form 8. One cannot apply for correction of other person’s details.

Click here to open form 8

Click here to know how to make Corrections to your Voter ID Card Online.

Form- 8A:

A person whose name is already included in the current electoral roll can file the Voter ID Card form 8A  for transposition of an entry in a different place of the same constituency.

For a comprehensive guide on how to apply transposition, click here.

Click here to open form 8A

Voter ID Card Form for other online services of ECI

There are many other voter ID card forms such as form- 17, form- 18, form- 19, form- 1, form- 2, form- 2A and form- 3. Each form is used to apply for different grievance/ modification of the electoral rolls. One can visit the Election Commission website (click here)  for applying the forms.

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There used to be a time when getting a voter ID card and modification of it is a cumbersome process, but the times have changed. All online and offline applications are digitized and applicants can easily track the status of their application. The grievance mechanism has become robust in the Indian electoral system and the Election Commission needs to be lauded for the change.

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  1. I want election I card in UP NOIDA the reason I have been shifted to Noida ( Sector 76 ) Noida from Delhi (SECTOR -4 R K Puram New Delhi ) having election I Card In Delhi .Can I get Election I card in Noida in lieu of the same issued for Delhi location .Please let me the detail ,Form no. if any required to be filled from where it can be had ,document required ,Name and address of authority where it is to be submitted .

  2. Sir I am staying in Shivajinagar, Pune from last seven years my name is not in voter list. Please tell how to add my name in voter list.

  3. Mera name Vishnu makrati hai.Mei north east Mizoram se hu mei gorkhali hu yeha mujhe voter mei in roll nahi karne dete hai mera Mizoram mei janam huwa hai still they don’t all to in roll me plz give me solution help me please my phone no 9612638801 email:[email protected]

  4. My name is not included in2017 electoral of booth no 37 of Pedda HARIVANAM in ADONI constituency of A.P state my voter id is AP 261760228662.
    MY son Sridhar and sister in law Varalakshmi names are missing

  5. S/o:sahab singh gram gadal ka pura joura hathariya.hathria morena madhya prdesh-476221

  6. Sir, My name and my father name is mistake in my voter if card,I will give to the taluk office and correct the mistake before 5 months,I got the slip for election but didn’t come to the voter I’d card.I don’t know the reason.so,plz help me.

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